Sep 7, 2008


Haha...this is another Crazy stuff that we DID in college...

This is just a Joke anyway...DO not take it seriously OK?? We do not have the bad habit of that anyway^^

Really love the moments we had last time, but things seem to change...


  1. charis2:59 PM

    yes it was fun.
    used to be fun..
    things is changing
    is not a seems but it is..
    d fun was never like before..
    the bounding is no longer there..
    all this sum up= sigh!
    *girl i c ur blog emo i aso emo le*

  2. Aiyo...actualy I typed that spontaneously as what I felt.

    Short but it makes you feel the same...
    Sad come things will be like that??
    whether we are the one who put the border between them or what?

  3. charis11:27 PM

    ya la i also duno le..
    i wodner..
    are we d one who make things worst?
    or are them d one who too sensitive haiz
    2 yrs like tis i cant stand man!


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