Sep 11, 2008


Do you really think of the definition the word "friends"?

Today, I am being questioned. Actually every one of us is being questioned.

I was stunned because I have never thought of it AT ALL. Feel so ashamed for needing friends for reasons-that-I-don't-ponder. Shit.

So what does "friends" mean to you??

Let me tell you what I know, which I think everyone of us here know. Crap!!

To me, friends can be categorized into: Hi-Bye Friends, Normal Friends, and Good Friends.
I do not want to make it best friend because somehow I do not trust the word itself.
I know it is sad.
It is freaking hard to find one.
So I do not wan to expect more than what I can get. You know??

Hi-Bye friends
- You can simply go to a person and say " Hi, I am Shane. What's your name??" then when you come to know each other very little, it is considered you have made a hi-bye friend. We won't be close to them maybe because you don't find the clicks or you just don't share things with them or you just can't expect them to be close with you.

Normal friends - These are the people who will care for you a little that you would not want them to worry by pretending you are fine and say " I am ok…No worries!!" but in fact you are not. Distance forms. Perhaps you do not know he or she well enough to pour out your problems to them or they are just not those who can help you to solve your problems that are so troubling you.

Good friends - It overcomes the distance that normal friends fail to conquer. They are the one you share your problems willing from your heart, expecting them to give words of comfort from their hearts and not merely say things that normal friends would say.

It is hard to find good friends as you need to find the one you trust and matured enough to help you figure out the problems.
But I found them.
I really appreciate that fate actually made us meet and I definitely have no regret that I, finally, Yes, and truthfully found my own good friends.

Besides family, friends are equally important as they help you grow as you come across more about life. At times you ponder, at times you give up, at times you just try so hard but get nothing. They complement our life, they add colors in our life. We enjoy the moments we are together. Oh yeah…of course we do. If not??

Good friends are always there when you are in trouble, when you need someone to be your listener and also give you advices whenever you need one. I have learned that if you want to be a good friend, you have to be there for them, and they in return must have done the same to you. If not, why do you think he or she qualify himself or herself to be your good friends?

Good friends are the one worth sharing the moments of happiness because they will happy for you from the deepest in their hearts. As old saying goes, happiness shared is doubled. When you are happy, who is the first one you wish to tell?? It is good friends.

Good friends are the best observers
as they know you more and they know why you are like that. If you want to improve yourself, ask them. For they are the one who have no fear to tell you all the shits that you have done and what is good in you. They are sincere in helping you to be a better person and not from those people who are just want you to mourn over it by just a crap shit that he or she just blurts out for fun.

Good friends are hard to find. If you found, treasure them like you treasure yourself as much for it is fate that makes you to meet each other and to treasure each other presence in your life. Appreciate them as they make impacts in your life that helps you grow to know and manage things in your life for they always be there for you when you feel tired and give you words of encouragement. Not those friends who are just share your happiness but not your sorrow.

Thanks to them, my good friends. You know who you are.
Thanks for making me a better person although you may say "nah, it is just nothing"
Thanks to them, I overcome things that I have never been through all these whiles.

Life evolved to be a tougher and cruel world.
I no longer stay in the pampering of parents and it is time for me to know life.
I know little. I definitely will know more.
I know I have to be tougher and know what's right and wrong for me and not easily influenced by words as some people just want the heck of you feeling sorry or blamed.

Thanks to Charis.
Thanks to Jordan.
Thanks to Luke.

And others who I have not mentioned.

You all indeed spice up my life.


  1. Hey girl...good post...but for me, there is normal frens(includes the hi-bye), good frens, and close frens..hehe. I think in this era, if a fren who cares just by asking is ady good(u know la most people care for themselve only),those that u can share ur problem wit is close coz i feel that u need to have that close bonding to be able to share ma, if not i dun think will be able to share it lo. And i wont say i hav best frens coz best means paling bagus which is also means one best fren not frens.

  2. times it is hard to get one. It is always hard to say if we will remain this forever - - best friend.

    Bonding is vital to share things. If not, we wont be able to be frank to each other and you tend to keep your secrets. SOmehow it is also mean trust.

  3. charis11:48 AM

    well i agree h both of you.. i used to have a best friend but she betrayed me and now i learn..=p Well, best friends are hard to find.. even close friends..
    wait..nowadays even true friends are hard to find..Gosh
    I love the word where Jordan says,"most people care for themselves only". totally agree! In his era we humans are just self-centered!
    friends as for me includes, hi-bye friends, normal friends, good friends, close friends,and intimate friends...*girl remember once i told you as for me friends there are 5 types*

  4. Haha...these are the five??

    Well far I have not met any intimate friends yet.

    Close friend?? I don't know la...

    What's the difference between close and good friends??

  5. charis12:36 AM

    good friends= u share certain things la..not all and can click kinda well.. a lil trust is there

    close friends= u share more like erm closer lo erm like me n u like tis..we share but we dun share all ma..rt?

    intimate friends= super d close liek me n jey sei last time or me and john...where u share everything!


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