Sep 17, 2008

Deloitte Tax Challenge 2008

yoo...I am one of the participants for both GRoup and Individual Challenge.
I have got myself registered before 12 September 2008, which is the deadline for both Challenges.

On 15th September 2008, my friends and I came over to college for meeting for Group Challenge.
We discussed on the sample case study.

HOnestly, I was not in the mood to understand it as I was super Blur at the time.
Glad that after it ended, we managed to finish our Individual Challenge. We helped each other to find answers!! Nice^^

I did not place any hope in either Challenge because I just want to expose myself to all these.
You know, experience.

16th September 2008, Group Challenge was held in College!!
CooL...we did not need to travel Yo!!
We reached to College earlier.
Held short meeting to clear our doubts. Yet, we remained doubtful with things that we are uncertain of.
Got ourselves lots of reference books which are allowable to be brought in.

It started 10am to 1pm.

For the first hour, we merely identified and talked about related topics without typing.
We ended up running out of time that we had no choice but to abandon one of the questions. LOL
Overall consider 90% completed. time must do when you discuss. If not you will regret if you cannot manage to finish it!!


  1. charis9:11 AM

    hye girl well i was one of dem too since you ady post here i do not need to re-post it lol..
    i agree everything there cz i was the same like u..
    not in a mood reason? well group!
    if only w can finish our assignment in 3 hrs i will be super glad.! if only our group can discuss so efficiently i will be happy!

  2. and one thing is Nicholas is a silent guy but brilliant mind...Haha

    Nice team...nah...if only, dun think about it man...just see how it goes...


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