Sep 6, 2008

Crudely DOne...

Ahaha...I am crazy now!! Just had my English paper yesterday.

I thought it would be somehow easier and I have prepared to get a B for this.
It is not that easy for me to write a formal letter proposal.

And one thing I realize is that I always use "...will be...will be....will be..."
It always came to me and I just used it again and again.

Two hours, simply not enough because I just don't really have the fresh ideas come in when I need them...LOL..
Some more the letter proposal is about offering yourself to be a FRANCHISEE.

Let me tell you what I have wrote.
It was damn funny that actually it chilled my spine out of me!! Could I get a B??

I wrote the letter on behalf of a company (though all of my friends said you write it as an individual...CHAM!!)
The even stupid thing is I wrote that my company have 10 outlets...(Aiyoyo...if I have my own brand, Why ON earth that I want to be a franchisee again???)

So basically what I proposed is to renovate all my outlets and change my brand name to theirs...and advertise their brand names.

Sweat...sweat....sweat...I simply don't know what to say!! It just don't come to me that I should write it as an individual who has not started a business, anyway, anyhow...

Please bless Me....Hopefully I will get B+, and it is enough for me already...

Say Bye to 4 flat...because English papers always drag me to lower CGPA - - - Helpless~~


  1. charis2:57 PM

    i am also down for my eng!!
    how can this be our paper? it is just so not our paper. LOL okay i am blaming on d paper lo..
    well honestly is diff from the pass year..
    All the sectons is just so different!

  2. I would say that we took it for granted...
    Now what to do??
    What is past is past.
    NO use to look back.

    The only thing we can do is to hope we get B or A hopefully..


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