Sep 5, 2008

B.Bee Tea House

Well well...what brought me here??

Aha...that day I went shopping with Vivian, Remember??
On the same day itself, we lunched. Hahaha...funny, everybody dines after shopping and after dining, shops again, Right people??

So here we were>>>

Nice photos of the food, Haha...if only what they serves Exactly the same...LOL

And they have this Cute Cute Drawings on the Wall ^^ I love it...In case you don't know, I like cute stuffs, I like big bear bear^^

Suits the Theme, (Of course la DONG!!)

Guess what is the Main Attraction That LURES me to dine in this Restaurant?? is these Special seats>>>

Swings~~ Reminds me of Old Old Times^^
Initially wanted so much to sit over there, but then as you can see, it was OCCUPIED...

A closer Look>>>

YO...loVe it soOoo Muchie!!

GhoStly haha...still Nice>>>

Actually they decorate the Restaurant with all these>>>


Aha...wondering where it is???
But you should have knew it...because it is just located at Sungai Wang 6th Floor>>>

Smiling Bee~~

Eeeeee?? HOw come not Bee>>>

Dragonfly pulak...=.=

Actually I think got Bee sculpture, but I didn't take them>>>

Spot the sculptures??

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