Sep 15, 2008

B.Bee Tea House - Part II

Yo...sorry for delaying this post Man!! It has been weeks I didn't upload this.
But for a good reason><>>>

Nah...just know you will forget!! It is here>>>

So practically why we were here was for the FOOD>>>

YuM YuM...It is the bubble tea on the left, Vivian at the centre, while my Cookies Ice Blended at the right

And this is Me^^

Time for some Solos>>>

It is nicer than the Oreo Milkshake at Secret Recipe!!

See this Vivian, copy cat, see me shooting around, she also wanted to shoot>>>

Her fried rice with the Bubble Tea

TomYam Fried Rice - - - YumMy!!

Gosh!! My Nyonya Curry - - - YumMy too~!! Yellowish but full of Spices

Last but not least>>>

Vivian is just such an actor~~


Nah Emo again


  1. the place is very classy! like it! =)

  2. Classy?? must have been kidding.

    It is not bad. Even interview with Pan Wei Bo is held at the same place man!!


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