Sep 10, 2008


Things have been MESSED UP for the group ever since before the end of the semester till TODAY, when we finally finished our final paper - Taxation.

The issues remain unsolved. Communication problem has drove the problems all the way till TODAY, when we wished and wanted SO MUCH to GET RID of it ONCE AND FOR ALL!!
I know every one of us is being affected before things are cleared up, just the extent of it varied.

It is not happy as the end of semester approached.
Barriers of communication, misunderstanding, presumptions took place.
More and more conflicts arose.

But I wish everything ENDS today with this post.
Sad things only will make our lives miserable, so we do not want the same issues to be discussed in future ANYMORE.

Things changed. Emotions involved. Minds troubled.
The situations get pricky hard to be solved as more sharings were done.
COME ON, I thought it meant to clear things up and help each other to know their strengths and weaknesses.
BUT the outcomes did not prove it rightful.

I do not know what happened that the messages were not understood as repetitions occurred again and again for the same damn things.

WE hope things discussed today shall be FINAL AND CONCLUSIVE. NO APPEAL WILL BE ENTERTAINED.

I was really wrong at the first place.
I never thought of the impacts on one of us that is so overwhelming that the fact it caused emotions outbreak and disturbance of minds that is simply UNBEARABLE.

Yet, we are SO DAMN WRONG for judging a book by its cover!! STupid...We know we KNow but Still we made the same mistake.

I wish to apologize to the one who has suffered all these by one's mentality and physically
I really sorry for not able to sense that your troubles that are kept bothering you while you prepared for taxation for past 3 days.

Say me DUMB. I really dumb. I really appreciate your accompanies when I am down as you are always there for me but WHAT HAVE I DONE FOR YOU IN RETURN??


Shame on me...You definitely have the right to say that to me.

I admit that at times I just say something stupid when you complain to me and stuffs that you would say "EVERYBODY CAN SAY IT"
And I really never been in other's shoes. I only can express my sympathy but not my empathy. Damn!!

So far I assumed that you are strong but to a certain extent that you are not. You are so mentally tortured by things that are so unnecessary that made you could not study in peace for past three days and now you are so sorry and regret for not studying and done the paper without putting your best effort in it!!

Sorry for not able to scold you for past 3 days and force you to study.
I hope you will slowly let go of your regret - I know it is hard to do but I know you can. Just that you need time to forgive yourself.


  1. charis11:54 AM

    hey girl i terasa giler..
    well i know i make a history ystd le..
    i just can't bear it le..its never easy to hold on so many things le..
    well, i did not balme any of u as said .but i guess what i said make everyone ponder a lot..
    Regret is regret not like i can go bac`k to the time where i can sit down n take the same paper..
    but this is my 1st time ever regret man! Gosh..
    i just say everything out cz i think is way too over la..
    but i like what you say "Everybody can say it".
    even after the meeting there are some one particular one say is ok la charis MAYBE u did better..I was like come on i know how i did the paper..
    hey girl u read my blgo la lol cz i said what i wnat to said there..=p

  2. dun blame ursel oh..she also didnt blame u ler..cheer up=)

  3. Thanks Jordan for cheering me, haha...kind man!!

    Seriously I terasa too when you said "you all" repetitively. I did ponder.

    GOsh...lately I ponder alot man. So headache today since I woke up till now.

    Do not know why, just had a messy dream before I get out of my bed.

    I really so sat bai for realising the fact that you are just pretending in front all of us.

    I knew. You told me that. Maybe you did better. I think he still don't understand la. SImple english.

    You have been mentioning things " everyone can say" but still he did it again and again.

    Girl, things seem hard to change but we need the space!!

  4. charis10:54 PM

    yes i agree le..
    well i sed u all cz to a certain extent it is la..
    u all often tell me things where i also can say to myself..
    imagine right, u r in a situation whrere all u need was comfort but ppl say u can..
    well dun think so much le..
    now u know why i cant concentrate..?
    is past after all..
    and yes he just dun und simple english..gek sei me

  5. charis7:19 PM

    ya he just dont seems to und la..simple English like morning and night also hard to und this i think he just don't und at all!!! *okay i know is kinda bad here saying like this*
    at times it really gek sei me!!!!
    Wel, i kknow how i did my exam ..
    there is nothing all of us can do including me girl!
    i need to get out form the mess that is solved
    in fact after the "meeting" i can tell you..
    i doubt whether this will be repeat..
    they just don't seem to be serious and we were like hell serious..especially me!*okay another bad word to use..sorry again*

  6. a certain extent, it is including me. LOL...

    well...he really don't understand man. You know. after all the burst, he still talked craps!!


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