Sep 30, 2008

Happy Raya!!

Tomorrow is the brand new year to all Muslim after a month of fasting!!

Happy Hari Raya to all Muslims & wish you all have a brand new start of the year!!

In the meanwhile, we as Malaysian, are having holiday in conjunction with this Raya festival...Anywhere to go??

Sep 28, 2008

Not much Difference

I believe everybody knows the price of fuel goes down 10cents right??
From RM2.70 to RM2.55 and now, a further 10cents drop to RM2.45

Oh well...yesterday I went to pump fuel. From 11.xx litre to 11.xx litre to now 12.xx litre.
I would say not much difference.

Whatever it is, we as consumers, do we have right over the setting of price of fuel??
TOo bad we don't.
Just wish it will drop to RM2 soon then only you see the difference....
(I must be dreaming!!)

NoTe: My internet usage has exceeded by 20% (Sobz...cannot update as frequent!!)

Sep 27, 2008


Yue Liang Yuen, Yue Liang Yuen,
Yue Liang Zhao Zai Wo De Jia

It was Mid Autumn Festival or you prefer it to be known as Happy MoonCake Festival on 14th September 2008.

Besides Mooncake and Chinese Tea, what else is the Main Feature??
Aha there any need to ask??? OF course is Tang Lung!!

Have you played it before?? Perhaps when you are small??
Hehe...I still play, can't I?

Let me show you some pictures of TangLung>>>

My Mom still keep it nicely^^ SO that we can lid it every year...
And there are still good, and the quality is far better than nowadays new tanglung - I believe you know why right??

Sep 26, 2008

13th September 2008

Let me show you, the day time of the day before Moon Cake Festival or Mid Autumn Festival>>>

I was stunned at the light effect...It is DEADLY GORGEOUS!!

Which one do you like the best??

I would say the last One...Hehe

Sep 25, 2008

Random Shots

Sorry for not updating for two days, just so you know, I was away for vacation^^

Okie...back to posting>>>

I like the mixture of the building and the sky^^

As usual, puffy lake on the sky>>>

Cute little puffs>>>

What does it look like to you???

HOw about this???

I saw dolphin, do you??

Sep 24, 2008

Gosh!! HOw could I miss it???

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I was so shocked when I checked my mails just now, I saw Nuffnang email regarding the a pair of free screening passes for Mamma Mia!!

Gosh...initially I thought "Aiya...only got Glitterati members only..." So I didn't check my mail before I paid for my trip. Oh well...I also didn't inform Robb for not going...ISH ISH ISH

Babi I am blacklisted. SHoot!!! Ngam again fell on the first day of my trip.

Well well...but I want to say is: "I am glad that I have actually joined the trip to Dusun Eco!! It was such a great FUN hanging out with new members whom I have never ever seen them in COLLEGE!!" I am collecting pictures from the rest of them. Be patient ya!!

Sep 19, 2008

Lyric #1 Bleeding Heart

Starry Night
Tender Breeze
My only companions at night
I hear no sound
But my own and whisper of wind
I wish to find the solitude that I've lost

Cruel Fact
Troubled Mind
My indescribable feelings at night
I speak no word
But feel all pain
I wish I've never grow to be who I'm now

What is past is past
Regrets haunt at this moment
Out of sudden
I feel all these are what I deserve

My heart is bleeding
I could not help
It bleeds so badly that I just can't stand
Do you know how I feel
I doubt that you can
But I'm glad you're here to listen to my sorrow

My heart needs healing
What would it be
I've no idea what can heal my heart
I'm tired with all of these
But it just can't stop
What else I could do besides stay strong & stronger
In this cruel life

This is my first published lyric, written by Hitomi, a.k.a Shane
Give some opinions...
Videos coming next about this Song...dedicated to myself and myself

Sep 18, 2008

mY haBit

My habit, BAD OR GOOD??

Swarm of worms>>>


Wah...very very bright in the Evening>>>

But then in the late evening, everything became so tenderly fluffy>>>

Fluffy fluffy^^

Sep 17, 2008

Deloitte Tax Challenge 2008

yoo...I am one of the participants for both GRoup and Individual Challenge.
I have got myself registered before 12 September 2008, which is the deadline for both Challenges.

On 15th September 2008, my friends and I came over to college for meeting for Group Challenge.
We discussed on the sample case study.

HOnestly, I was not in the mood to understand it as I was super Blur at the time.
Glad that after it ended, we managed to finish our Individual Challenge. We helped each other to find answers!! Nice^^

I did not place any hope in either Challenge because I just want to expose myself to all these.
You know, experience.

16th September 2008, Group Challenge was held in College!!
CooL...we did not need to travel Yo!!
We reached to College earlier.
Held short meeting to clear our doubts. Yet, we remained doubtful with things that we are uncertain of.
Got ourselves lots of reference books which are allowable to be brought in.

It started 10am to 1pm.

For the first hour, we merely identified and talked about related topics without typing.
We ended up running out of time that we had no choice but to abandon one of the questions. LOL
Overall consider 90% completed. time must do when you discuss. If not you will regret if you cannot manage to finish it!!

Sep 16, 2008

What's wrong??

Sometimes I really do not know why people dislike me so much.
I can't help to understand why.
The reason always so "dumb" to be understandable, just so you know.

Come On!! Everybody is different.
What's wrong of being someone different from you guys that are so deadly "mediocre"?

It is me, and not you. If you want to judge me, please, JUDGE YOURSELF first.
We are not saints. I know that. And I believe you are just too dumb to understand such a simple theory.

Yesterday I was dumbstruck by words of people.
I would say that you will never know what people will talk bad about you anyway.
It is hard to imagine that most of the course mates actually dislike you so much.
And yes, that is the fact. I do not know that until I was told.

Initially in the first week of lecture, Charis and I have the same mind set, which is to know more people.
I need a change. But until now, our mission remains unaccomplished.
Now that we have learnt the "big Secret" behind all the masks people have put on them when they see us, our mission shall be eliminated.

Out of a sudden, I think I have truly understand the philosophy that "we can never ever make everyone to like us"
I might have lost when I have heard what A said but when I regain my conscious mind, I was like "What on earth man!! How come they think that way!!"

I know you surely will say "Oh yea, you can never control what people is thinking" and I know that too!! Need not you to tell me.

Oh yes, if you dislike my dressing, so what??
It is not you who wear it, who cares??

Being daring in dressing means what?? If you call me bitch, DO YOU DARE SAY YOU ARE NOT??
I am very proud that I am NOT and I doubt those criticizing me are DARE TO SAY NO. Sarcastically I would say you are so bitchy!!
Mind your mouth…Yours are just as stink as the shit tank!!

I think it is high possibility I am at the wrong course since diploma. This problem arises again and again!! DAMN!!

If I am from Mass Communication, would it be a different story??
What if an ACCA student also dresses like mass communication student??
What's wrong again??
Even people who first know me asking: "Are you from mass communication or public relation or hotel and management??"

What's wrong??? Dress like a Mass Communication does not mean you are a BITCH!! You are just so shallow minded, and I would say: "Are you ACCA student?? Please tell me you are not!!"

Again, JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER - - if you want, go ahead, and who shall judge you when you died?? It is your God that will.

Gossiping is bad, I believe you know when you are died, and you just as well go to hell as You are still SINFUL for what you have done…

Oh yea, if you want to think I am such a trouble maker, can you ask yourself how do you define "trouble maker"??
(If you do not know, just SHUT UP!!)

Am I giving any trouble to you?? I dare say I NEVER DO!!
I enjoy what I am doing..I believe I can spread the happiness to you guys but WHAT YOU GUYS THINK??
I am just a TROUBLE MAKER??
Fine!! You don't want. SO be it!!

If you dare to stand in the middle of the lecture hall and do what I did, I say you got Ass!!
If you don't, again, SHUT UP YOUR MOUTH for you is just ANOTHER CHICKEN.

After all, I believe my friends enjoy. Even the second time, I was happy for what I have done. For I forgo my fear and stand in crowd.

Thanks for your information, A.
You are such an analytical, rational person. Well, you are emotional too.
Don't cry man…I appreciate how much you actually love us as friends. I really do.
Thanks for standing by my side when I need someone.

What's wrong with this world??
They just so can't understandable!!
But I believe what I have experienced now will make me a better person, for I have gone through many things since my new chapter of life starts.

Nothing is going to be easy. That's life.
Full of cruelty and ugliness!!

Sep 15, 2008

B.Bee Tea House - Part II

Yo...sorry for delaying this post Man!! It has been weeks I didn't upload this.
But for a good reason><>>>

Nah...just know you will forget!! It is here>>>

So practically why we were here was for the FOOD>>>

YuM YuM...It is the bubble tea on the left, Vivian at the centre, while my Cookies Ice Blended at the right

And this is Me^^

Time for some Solos>>>

It is nicer than the Oreo Milkshake at Secret Recipe!!

See this Vivian, copy cat, see me shooting around, she also wanted to shoot>>>

Her fried rice with the Bubble Tea

TomYam Fried Rice - - - YumMy!!

Gosh!! My Nyonya Curry - - - YumMy too~!! Yellowish but full of Spices

Last but not least>>>

Vivian is just such an actor~~


Nah Emo again

Sep 14, 2008

It is cloudy again!!

So when you see the title, I am sure you know what's coming Next>>>
Cute Cute Reddish Puff in Clear Blue Sky

GOsh!! TsuNami Coming!!

Shade of Dark blue intervenes with the Sparks of light from the Rising sun many red eyes!! Haha...see the sky - - got tail!!

River of worms LOL

Enjoy your day!! Take some time and stare at the sky just above you everyday^^

Sep 13, 2008

MoonCake MoonCake

Hey everybody!! It is Mooncake Festival again this Sunday.
Any plan??

Haha...Last time we used to gather with family and then eat mooncake and drink chinese tea under the moon light.
Still doing that nowadays?? If you do, Keep it UP!! It is good to maintain the tradition and the festive mood.

I hardly get myself triumphant with the festive mood because I no longer see people play tanglung, which I used to do that. I no longer see family enjoying their mooncakes and teas together...
Sharks!! Must be dreaming~~

Oh let me introduce to you the Kawaii Mooncakes by Hitomi (LOL...if you believe)>>>

Don't you think they are so artistically made and ADORABLE?? I wanna Have A BITE!!

Gosh!! This is Even TEMPTING>>>

CAn we get it in Malaysia?? SEriously I have no Idea^^

HaPPy MooNcaKe FesTivaL to all the Chinese, as well as people who like to Join this celebrative day!!

Sep 11, 2008


Do you really think of the definition the word "friends"?

Today, I am being questioned. Actually every one of us is being questioned.

I was stunned because I have never thought of it AT ALL. Feel so ashamed for needing friends for reasons-that-I-don't-ponder. Shit.

So what does "friends" mean to you??

Let me tell you what I know, which I think everyone of us here know. Crap!!

To me, friends can be categorized into: Hi-Bye Friends, Normal Friends, and Good Friends.
I do not want to make it best friend because somehow I do not trust the word itself.
I know it is sad.
It is freaking hard to find one.
So I do not wan to expect more than what I can get. You know??

Hi-Bye friends
- You can simply go to a person and say " Hi, I am Shane. What's your name??" then when you come to know each other very little, it is considered you have made a hi-bye friend. We won't be close to them maybe because you don't find the clicks or you just don't share things with them or you just can't expect them to be close with you.

Normal friends - These are the people who will care for you a little that you would not want them to worry by pretending you are fine and say " I am ok…No worries!!" but in fact you are not. Distance forms. Perhaps you do not know he or she well enough to pour out your problems to them or they are just not those who can help you to solve your problems that are so troubling you.

Good friends - It overcomes the distance that normal friends fail to conquer. They are the one you share your problems willing from your heart, expecting them to give words of comfort from their hearts and not merely say things that normal friends would say.

It is hard to find good friends as you need to find the one you trust and matured enough to help you figure out the problems.
But I found them.
I really appreciate that fate actually made us meet and I definitely have no regret that I, finally, Yes, and truthfully found my own good friends.

Besides family, friends are equally important as they help you grow as you come across more about life. At times you ponder, at times you give up, at times you just try so hard but get nothing. They complement our life, they add colors in our life. We enjoy the moments we are together. Oh yeah…of course we do. If not??

Good friends are always there when you are in trouble, when you need someone to be your listener and also give you advices whenever you need one. I have learned that if you want to be a good friend, you have to be there for them, and they in return must have done the same to you. If not, why do you think he or she qualify himself or herself to be your good friends?

Good friends are the one worth sharing the moments of happiness because they will happy for you from the deepest in their hearts. As old saying goes, happiness shared is doubled. When you are happy, who is the first one you wish to tell?? It is good friends.

Good friends are the best observers
as they know you more and they know why you are like that. If you want to improve yourself, ask them. For they are the one who have no fear to tell you all the shits that you have done and what is good in you. They are sincere in helping you to be a better person and not from those people who are just want you to mourn over it by just a crap shit that he or she just blurts out for fun.

Good friends are hard to find. If you found, treasure them like you treasure yourself as much for it is fate that makes you to meet each other and to treasure each other presence in your life. Appreciate them as they make impacts in your life that helps you grow to know and manage things in your life for they always be there for you when you feel tired and give you words of encouragement. Not those friends who are just share your happiness but not your sorrow.

Thanks to them, my good friends. You know who you are.
Thanks for making me a better person although you may say "nah, it is just nothing"
Thanks to them, I overcome things that I have never been through all these whiles.

Life evolved to be a tougher and cruel world.
I no longer stay in the pampering of parents and it is time for me to know life.
I know little. I definitely will know more.
I know I have to be tougher and know what's right and wrong for me and not easily influenced by words as some people just want the heck of you feeling sorry or blamed.

Thanks to Charis.
Thanks to Jordan.
Thanks to Luke.

And others who I have not mentioned.

You all indeed spice up my life.

Sep 10, 2008


Things have been MESSED UP for the group ever since before the end of the semester till TODAY, when we finally finished our final paper - Taxation.

The issues remain unsolved. Communication problem has drove the problems all the way till TODAY, when we wished and wanted SO MUCH to GET RID of it ONCE AND FOR ALL!!
I know every one of us is being affected before things are cleared up, just the extent of it varied.

It is not happy as the end of semester approached.
Barriers of communication, misunderstanding, presumptions took place.
More and more conflicts arose.

But I wish everything ENDS today with this post.
Sad things only will make our lives miserable, so we do not want the same issues to be discussed in future ANYMORE.

Things changed. Emotions involved. Minds troubled.
The situations get pricky hard to be solved as more sharings were done.
COME ON, I thought it meant to clear things up and help each other to know their strengths and weaknesses.
BUT the outcomes did not prove it rightful.

I do not know what happened that the messages were not understood as repetitions occurred again and again for the same damn things.

WE hope things discussed today shall be FINAL AND CONCLUSIVE. NO APPEAL WILL BE ENTERTAINED.

I was really wrong at the first place.
I never thought of the impacts on one of us that is so overwhelming that the fact it caused emotions outbreak and disturbance of minds that is simply UNBEARABLE.

Yet, we are SO DAMN WRONG for judging a book by its cover!! STupid...We know we KNow but Still we made the same mistake.

I wish to apologize to the one who has suffered all these by one's mentality and physically
I really sorry for not able to sense that your troubles that are kept bothering you while you prepared for taxation for past 3 days.

Say me DUMB. I really dumb. I really appreciate your accompanies when I am down as you are always there for me but WHAT HAVE I DONE FOR YOU IN RETURN??


Shame on me...You definitely have the right to say that to me.

I admit that at times I just say something stupid when you complain to me and stuffs that you would say "EVERYBODY CAN SAY IT"
And I really never been in other's shoes. I only can express my sympathy but not my empathy. Damn!!

So far I assumed that you are strong but to a certain extent that you are not. You are so mentally tortured by things that are so unnecessary that made you could not study in peace for past three days and now you are so sorry and regret for not studying and done the paper without putting your best effort in it!!

Sorry for not able to scold you for past 3 days and force you to study.
I hope you will slowly let go of your regret - I know it is hard to do but I know you can. Just that you need time to forgive yourself.

Sep 9, 2008


I am lost
In the jungle full of concrete and people

I wish I am who I am
Reality proves that I am not

I do not know who I am
I am again losing myself

Am I on the right track
I do not know and please do not ask

It is you who judge
And it is you, the one who sees me better than I personally do

Perhaps I do improve
I wish I really do

I begin to learn to give and take
I begin to learn to respect
I begin to learn how to think in others' shoes

Am I over doing it
Am I trying to please everyone around me
I do not know
But I do appreciate friends that always back me up
At times when I need them

Thanks for being there
As you pull me out from the jungle that only suffocate me as I go deeper and deeper

Sep 8, 2008


Memories, can be bad, also can be good.

Happy memories remind you of all the happiness that you have gone through with persons you love.
Bad memories remind you of all the sadness and hurt that you have gone through alone.

Personally I think it is good if yo,u can balance up your memories because it spices up your diary of life.
It enables you to learn more, and develop yourself to a better person.
But as the saying goes, do is harder than say.

I really appreciate what have I been through all these whiles. And I would say I like my college life better than school life.

My chapter - - school life - - will remain in my diary of life - - permanently.
If you want to know is it bad or good, I would say 20% good, 50% bad while 30% not good and not bad.

My school life has never ever monotonous than anyone else.

I was a pervert, perhaps, I am still.
I cared of nothing but studies. No other aspects of life did I care much.
Friendship sounded fragile and I failed to find clicks.
I failed to express myself and carry myself well.
It deals with self confidence that I would say I have none.
It was sad. I know.
(Suddenly I felt a surge to cry all out. Just so emotionally carried away, and yes, I always did last time.)

So what can I do??
NOTHING, see??
Because what have I been through is done and unchangeable. SO I want to tell you the message is:
There is no use you mourn over what is past and done. Just look in front and do what you can change. Memories are meant to be mesmerized but not for you to keep yourself stuck in there.

My college life - - Another chapter of life.
The first two years was quite fun because it was still new and it changed. I love changes. More people you will know. More people that you interact with.

I was really grateful that I was being forced to enroll in this college because the purpose here is to EXPOSE you to the outside world, in less complicated way.
Still, now, when I reviewed what I have done, there is not much remarkable experience.
Indeed, I am now more outspoken, more keen to express myself to people.
But the trouble is I do not know what happen sometimes that some group of people dislike me.

Perhaps my personality problem. I try to change.
At times, I do not know am I at the right track, but I feel that I am not good enough.
I accept what people criticize and ponder of what I shall do and I try to change.
However my effort seems not to be appreciated. It is futile. NO changes still.

I am lost. Lost in so many things.
I need guidance, yet I do not know how to tell others what I need sometimes.
Perhaps just need some time to sort it out.

Sep 7, 2008


Haha...this is another Crazy stuff that we DID in college...

This is just a Joke anyway...DO not take it seriously OK?? We do not have the bad habit of that anyway^^

Really love the moments we had last time, but things seem to change...

Sep 6, 2008

Crudely DOne...

Ahaha...I am crazy now!! Just had my English paper yesterday.

I thought it would be somehow easier and I have prepared to get a B for this.
It is not that easy for me to write a formal letter proposal.

And one thing I realize is that I always use "...will be...will be....will be..."
It always came to me and I just used it again and again.

Two hours, simply not enough because I just don't really have the fresh ideas come in when I need them...LOL..
Some more the letter proposal is about offering yourself to be a FRANCHISEE.

Let me tell you what I have wrote.
It was damn funny that actually it chilled my spine out of me!! Could I get a B??

I wrote the letter on behalf of a company (though all of my friends said you write it as an individual...CHAM!!)
The even stupid thing is I wrote that my company have 10 outlets...(Aiyoyo...if I have my own brand, Why ON earth that I want to be a franchisee again???)

So basically what I proposed is to renovate all my outlets and change my brand name to theirs...and advertise their brand names.

Sweat...sweat....sweat...I simply don't know what to say!! It just don't come to me that I should write it as an individual who has not started a business, anyway, anyhow...

Please bless Me....Hopefully I will get B+, and it is enough for me already...

Say Bye to 4 flat...because English papers always drag me to lower CGPA - - - Helpless~~

Sep 5, 2008

B.Bee Tea House

Well well...what brought me here??

Aha...that day I went shopping with Vivian, Remember??
On the same day itself, we lunched. Hahaha...funny, everybody dines after shopping and after dining, shops again, Right people??

So here we were>>>

Nice photos of the food, Haha...if only what they serves Exactly the same...LOL

And they have this Cute Cute Drawings on the Wall ^^ I love it...In case you don't know, I like cute stuffs, I like big bear bear^^

Suits the Theme, (Of course la DONG!!)

Guess what is the Main Attraction That LURES me to dine in this Restaurant?? is these Special seats>>>

Swings~~ Reminds me of Old Old Times^^
Initially wanted so much to sit over there, but then as you can see, it was OCCUPIED...

A closer Look>>>

YO...loVe it soOoo Muchie!!

GhoStly haha...still Nice>>>

Actually they decorate the Restaurant with all these>>>


Aha...wondering where it is???
But you should have knew it...because it is just located at Sungai Wang 6th Floor>>>

Smiling Bee~~

Eeeeee?? HOw come not Bee>>>

Dragonfly pulak...=.=

Actually I think got Bee sculpture, but I didn't take them>>>

Spot the sculptures??

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