Aug 17, 2008

Zohan Screening - 120808 - Part II

FuYOh!! The counter for tickets redemption>>>

Where I got my two F.O.C. tickets for Zohan!!

Mr POtato too busy talking and taking pictures; Mr Tomato too busy snapping him...LOL ( Sounded so wrong~~~)

Here you are, at Cathay Cineplex's cinema>>>

Tickets centres>>>

This was the second time I was here. Well...practically the first time was for Pirates of the Carribean II ( Too bad that it was sold out that night...wuuwuu)

TOo sien I excused myself to pay my "water bill">>>

This was because I was too boring at toilets...LOL..anyway, toilets is a nice place for shooting. Perhaps the dimmed lightning itself??

Then, I went to McDonald. Was starving because never dine in Bubba Gum. I bought F.O.F and French Fries as dinner^^ YuMmy!

By the time we reached Hall 8 for screening, they were having their contest of best hairdo at the night. So dark so dark. I really cannot see anything lol..but few figures down there^^

AGain, was such a self shooting maniac>>>

Throughout the movie, we were practically laughing non stop, poking non stop, jumping non stop from the last two seats at the right in Hall 8. Good good good good Movie!!!

Must WATCH movie!!

After everything ended, we was going home. Before we did, we went to the Streets again because initially we wanted to snap snap pictures there.

what Ivan did>>>

HOw can a civilised person do this?? Especially at the public?? ( GOsh I would say, it sprayed high...LOL)
Pity him, actually I was the one came out with this idea. PAISEHNYA!!

Another fountain>>>

Where Ivan can't help to take pictures>>>

So do I>>>

Like so kiddy playing with water. Though I have not been doing this for very very very long time.

OH man!! NOt again??

Then he stopped, and said: "Okok...don't Happy. Let's do this!!"


hehe, it is Me front of the McDonald>>>

As well as in front of the Cineleisure>>>

Thanks Ivan for taking this nice picture. The best ever of my full body portrait!! (Suddenly feel myself so slim. But the truth does not reflect it@@)

SHockingly that we bumped into Mr JOsh Lim from Advertlets.
he actually told me that I was so happened in the 8th in the best Zohan post.
But unluckily all the top 5 were there at the night. So I have nothing lo...

So cham...Aiyo!! Next time prepare more la...Pity me@@

Aiyoyo...already 12 something still don't want go home ar??
OKok...finish finish...

Then walked to car park>>>>

Can't help but we did it again!! Oops I did it again ( reminds me of Britney)

See?? Advertlets ROCKS!!

Coming Next: Zohan Screening - 120808 - Part III (Final Part)

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