Aug 15, 2008

Zohan Screening - 120808 - Part I

WooHoo...I was there for Advertlets Screening. CooOOoL!!

On that day itself, Tuesday, 12th August 2008, my class ended at 2pm.
Then, we have our own sharing session.

Well, it is my first time for sharing. I was quite surprised that I talked so much.
Thanks to Charis, I learned a lot from her. Muacks for her!!

By the time I was home. It was 5pm. Rushed everything until 7pm and boringly waiting Ivan to come pick me up.

Really gek Sei!! TOld him to come out earlier ended up 7pm baru keluar rumah...zZzzZz
And Mr Potato, also gek dao me lo...Didn't reply my messages but blamed me for not reading his blog....SWT!!

In the end, I reached Cathay Cineplex around 8pm. Then headed all the way to The Streets, outside the cineplex.

The fountain>>>

The lights along the street>>>

Here Ivan and I met up with some bloggers, whom I do not really know them>>>

It is located on first floor. So be sure you climbed the stairs^^

What we did while climbing>>>

Like it, Mr Ivan??

Here are some shots of Bubba Gump>>>

This is what ordered by Mr Tomato>>>

Yes Ivan, you asked him the right question!! Last time at Chilis he ate the same thing too - -BURGER

THings done when sitting with them, but not eating>>>

Run Forrest or Forrest Run??

Faces here>>>

Pei Man, Mrs Potato + the rest whom I do not know because nobody introduced...

A girl who I do not know (Forgetful me!!) + Mr POtato in blue + Mr Tomato in White (why not red??)

PLaying with DSLR, belonged to me>>>

Kidding la wei...I am not that belongs to Mr TOmato

Ivan also hm fong ko man!!

COming Next : Zohan Screening - 120808 - Part II


  1. waiqueen10:10 PM

    Did you meet a guy named Jeffrey there?

  2. not really. haha...didn't make it to know all la..


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