Aug 6, 2008

Secret Recipe, Alpha Angle

It was Wednesday. As usual, I felt the monotonous in Financial Reporting class. How about you guys??

Practically I was listened to my tutor half-heartedly. Sorry ya! I just don't have the initiative to listen in his classes. DUi!! Mangkuk!!

And my heart was so excited because we were going to try out the Oreo Milkshake as introduced by Xuan Xuan and Jess. They talked it the way you simply cannot resist the temptation and urge to try out man!! And there we went.

We sat Jess's City ( from her boyfriend --make me so jealous, if only I have such a good boyfriend man!!) and Xuan xuan's Suzuki Shift (damn light man...can compare with my kancil..Ish..terasa!!)
Nah nah...the girl in Green is Jess, while Xuan xuan is the one in white with pink wordings!!
Blur right? Taken with Ivan's new hankie-3.2Mega Pixels, but Chee Leong's hands are never been any shakier than I thought.

Aha...this is much better. It was taken by me!! Haha...Nice man!!

We didn't order much because my purpose, or much appropriate, our purpose, is to try out the Oreo Milkshake.
Chee Leong, the shaky-hand-guy, Ivan, the new-hankie-owner, Luke,the hamsap Pau, Xuan xuan, Jess, & Charis.

Oh ya...the milkshake is not that nice. Xuan and Jess said Alpha Angle's Secret Recipe not nice. Very little oreo Only...I also think it is not much le...

Why so dirty the table?? Charis's fault, didn't put away the plate after eating...Amoi Ni...
Spot me??

Hehe...this is my idea -- to act cool but ended up some not coOperative la...You know who@@


This girl in green is Charis's ex-classmate, unexpectedly, she was joining us for lunch & Charis terus peluk her...
She needs some control!!

Haha...this one ar...the rumour-couple la...but they deny...Who know??

And I spotted this in Alpha Angle>>>

cute cute fish wo>>>

Well..I have seen this type of spa many times but yet, I have not tried out. On that day itself, Ivan and I initially want to try out but because we ran out of time, we rushed back to tax lecture straight awaY.....

Maybe next time??

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