Aug 30, 2008

Outing with Vivian - Part I

Haha...this happened last Thursday but now only post it. HoPe not too Late^^

Early in the morning I drove to college. My girl, CHaris and the rest of my gang didn't come. Lonely~~
If I didn't promise to go out with Vivian, I would not have went to college actually...

Early in the morning it rained. SO heavily. Throughout my journey to Times Square, it was raining mercilessly.
Nah...this girl also like to SS in my car & with my camera!!

While Playing with my camera, she took this>>>

Nice bokeh^^

We went to Sungai Wang but parked at Times.
Initially I was going to attend annual dinner at Neway, Times Square but at the last minute, location changed to Neway, Leisure Mall... Sweat~~

Never mind...we walked walked and talked talked and shopped shopped.

Shot these while trying on this jacket>>>

We bought the same thing but different colors. Hers in white. Mine in Grey.
Actually it can be jacket, can be wore it like that also can be wore as skirt...

Walking around and around and shopped only one jacket.
Haha...felt so tired then we decided to buy Mag Nya Tong makan and sat on the benches for awhile>>>

Adui...what a mishaped Mag Nya TOng...1.50each. Bought 2 free one.

Not bad...BUt then ho, Vivian just couldn't finish it after I finished for half an hour ago.
And my brother ate one then fell sick. Sweat~~

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