Aug 18, 2008

My Feeling

Things have been pushing me towards my maximum stress level.
Seriously I feel I need more Oxygen. I really really Need it!!

Yesterday: 2 Performance Management Papers were to be completed.

Things would be easier if it was one man show. I believe I can handle my own stuffs better.
However, the problem here is one of them was group assignment.

We started off our assignment discussion one week before the deadline. Yet, members were not really participative.
Maybe they don't understand, But they never tell or ask further.

HOw on Earth do you expect Us to know if you don't voice up??

PLease la people, you have rights to voice up and you should use it wisely.

Group Assignment was 75% done.
As for individual assignment, I was fully completed it before I went out for my dinner.
I thought everything would be just fine.

Mana tahu ended up I was the one who helps to compile.
Well, this is fine for me because I still have time since it was evening.

One thing I want to stress on is never take the job of compilation as a piece of cake.
It will never be, if you want perfection.
It includes editing the assignments, and so, it explains why you need MORE TIME to compile.

25% remained undone after my dinner.
I was so pissed that the answers were just so un-understandable.
Another reminder here: When you don't understand, ask for help. But NOT AT THE LAST MINUTE!!

PLan your time and do your part, faithfully!!
This is the responsibility that we rested it on you and please do it with your heart and soul!!

I was so stressed and pissed yesterday because I had to redo the 25% again. It took me 2 hours plus.
I thank GOD inspirations came when I need it!!

Today, I voiced up rather emotionally.
I really wanted to release all out.
Glad that we had post mortem today.

Sorry for any people whom I shot at.
I want you guys to know what's the problem that troubling us so much.

It took most of our precious time when we can just devote it to something else, to studies, perhaps.

Hope that you guys won't keep the hard feelings ya!! I just want you guys to know and Change the way you guys WORK THINGS OUT.


  1. charis9:29 PM

    i know exactly how u feel..
    i even burst man tdy..

  2. i know. Somehow i dun think they know how we feel still...but it is ok la. SO long as I will still cry with you


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