Aug 22, 2008

HitoMi is sick, so sick

Sob~~I am sick man. come now only sick...while exam is one week time!!

Maybe it is because of the stress, or maybe I have no strength to fight over the virus.
What to do, my aunt has been sick for few weeks, still uncured.

Pity me now. Being infected@@

Really so damn sleepy today.
The day before, I went shopping and Annual Dinner until 1am.
Slept for less than 6 hours.

This morning, I pig until 7am only woke up and prepared myself for college. Unusually late, as I usually wake up around 6. Really cannot stand the fatigue and I nearly slept in office after I have done my job.

Just managed to sleep 3 hours plus just now. And now I am here again....I don't want get SICK!!!

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