Aug 7, 2008

HiToMi & HenNessy

Creepy?? THis is HiToMi...the one starring in the Japanese ghost movie.

Haha...Believe?? Kidding la...I am not the Hitomi. I am just a normal college girl. Waiting for my student to come over in library when I took these pictures.

Haha...It has been months I have not cut my hair. Waiting it to be long. Long already?? Faster la...(impatient~~~)

Wednesday, 30th July 2008, our english tutor, Ms Ooi asked us to play a game. She requested each of us to give two things real about yourself and one thing fake.

What I said: I am a clubber, I am a drinker, I have infatuation.
Guess which one is true??

Personally I think that somehow not really correctly structured. Firstly, because I like to club, I like to drink but I am neither. Ish...said things cannot be taken back. SO I think it is more appropriate if I said I like to club, I like to drink.

Here I go>>>

Hennessy Time!!

My daddy actually use this hennessy to 'korek' his ear man...What a waste. He said very 'suang' LOL...then I grabbed the chance and said: " I want to drink ya!!"

After drinking two pax, felt bit heavy headed, so I went to sleep la...Adui...must train my level already!!

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