Aug 8, 2008

Happy BeiJing OlymPic 2008

The Moment has came, where all the Chinese are cheering to the recognition that has never been given to us, but today.

Things has changed.

aS the globe rotates, CHina has continuously developing itself to what it is today. TO the extent that CHina is internationally recognized. The country where Olympic 2008 will be happening soon, today, tonight, 8.30pm in Malaysia live on RTM1.

MOreover, this year, we have 205 countries participating, which breaks the top record of number of countries participated!!

Being a Chinese, I am proud. TO the people who dislikes us, as CHinese, to be recognised, Sorry to say, but we DID!!

Happy OlymPic 2008 to BeiJing and to people all around the World!!

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