Aug 22, 2008

Glam Prom Dresses

I know I have not been updating posts on Prom Dresses lately. Well, too many things to be done in short time, that's what I can say.

And making a post a day is not easy because I have more than one post per day but I want it to be so. patient ya!!

So today, I will finish my 4 collections: Eclectic, Classic & Cute, Wild & lastly, Glam!!

Glam = glamorous -- Well, that's my interpretation -- perhaps it is right.
If you wish to be as glamorous as those artists, I think it is no better choice than going for Glam Prom Dresses!!

Gloss, Class, and Silk - Expensive I guess??

Mixture of fabrics perhaps not as classy but gold itself represents its Glamor well enough!!

Red is classy + Glam

This one is Nice!! Eclectic & Glam!! Fusion~~

Low V cutting -- if only you have boobs like hers...

COming next: Sexy Prom Dresses, which I think it is not bad after all.

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