Aug 3, 2008

Feeling Cafe - Part II

Here it comes, the part II.

In the previous part I, I brought you to have a look at Feeling Cafe.
NOw, I will be proud enough to present to you all my Extreme buddies!!

JOsephin & me

Cyrus (Don't so moody!! and Don't so hamsap!!) & Me & ALbert, the Chairperson, whom so happened to be elected..LOL...all the best ya!!

Kitty & Me & Leslie ( Yo!!when is our next clubbing?? And Mr leslie, I can say I like photography more than you man!!)

Yee Kang & Me & Mey Yee ( time be more couple-like la...not syok yo!!)

Me & Kah Ang (Two Crazy Gurls)

Josephin & Simon (Nah...specially upload for you guys to grab ya!!)

Alan & Me ( still that in lol.)

Erm....I do not know the name of the guy at the back...But I know something is going on between him & Kah ang...

Alan & Diana & Mun Hoe ( Hopefully I didn't spell it wrongly!!)

Diana & Mun Hoe & Josephin

Me Me Me~!! TOo boring while waiting the rest to come and the food to be served!!

Simon & Me...Always so many actions on his face!! And one thing I very frustrated is that when I shoot faces with my camera, it is always blur...haiz!!

See what he did>>>>

Diana & Me ( Wondering whether the person going in is a male or female or perhaps....BOTH?)

I was starving man for the night. I ordered quite long ago but still the food never come to me. I ordered the Mushroom Spaghetti (You better don't try that man!! You will regret!!) and this Calamander Red Tea>>>

Nice Gemini drink, which is ordered by the guy-who-I-don't-know-his-name, and it comes in two cups>>> first they said it was for kitty's birthday!! Happy birthday kitty!! BUt then actually they were celebrating for me as well...although it was almost one month ago...LOL...

Thanks ya. At first, I planned not to go but then although they didn't say want celebrate for me, I still feel better to go lo. Cannot be so not gentle lady de lo!

This is Kitty's present - - the Family tree>>>

Wah...the way they gave me the present quite lame!! Never mind la...I won't be so bad don't want. And this is the small piece of cake for me LOL>>>>

They very naughty, want to press me down. But Clever me didn't kena!! LOL...sorry ya everybody, PHEW!!

By the time I went home it was around 11.30pm. GOsh!! So late, will kena scold...WUuwWUuu..

Before I left, we took the group pictures>>>>

AS well as the bar>>>>

The feeling here is not bad, but the food still OK OK only. BEtter go for Chili!!

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