Aug 2, 2008

Feeling Cafe - Part I

Well, this is the place. This new branch is just opened not long ago. This was my first time to here, and there you go, I will be telling my story again...

After I finished my Dark KNight with WaiSeng, I went home with LRT. I reached Wangsa Maju around 8pm. Shit man!! Late already, but really nice of Extreme gang for waiting me, Love you guys!!

I went to college again. I was so sweat that they actually changed their location for dinner from Naili to here, Feeling Cafe, Wangsa Maju. Practically saying, I was going to the same area twice. LOL

As usual, it was hard to find parking there. For your information, it is just located near the Carrefour Express SHop. First floor.

I reached there after quite some time. I was not the earliest and I was not the last neither. Haha!!!

So what we did was>>>>

Simon, was a poser obviously. Don't be so girlie la...

I admit I was quite a poser...LOL...cannot help to take picture with such a nice sign board^^

Guess whose legs?? Haha...thanks for Mun Hoe for lending his legs anyway^^ [ My junior, but not really know him though. First acquaintance, I would say. ]

I really cannot help in stopping myself not to take pictures. I like Photography. Simply because I was inspired by Kenny Sia, influenced by Terance. Yo!! HOw can!! But I am happy because I found what I like most. CooOl!!

If I knew that there is a course named photography, I would have gone for it anyway. That's what I think I would do!!

The dark staircase to Feeling Cafe

It was so crowdy man!! Gosh, nowadays youngsters are so rich to spend in these places!!

The stage for singers...May it be the main attraction why people are here for dinner??

Leng Lui & Leng Zai...

The moment we reached, we had no place yet. SO I walked around and shot pictures. Well..I would say nothing nice except the sign board LOL

Oh ya...I like this too^^

Ha...nothing special about this.

Part II is in the making!!!

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