Aug 30, 2008

Enjoy Dedication!!

I am happy because I have made people happy.


By dedicating songs to theM, which I have done it twice!!

The first time, it was for my dear girl, Charis, because it was her birthday!!
The second time, it was for our retiring Mr Kuek, and Mr Michael Yeo, who is so fond with the song, "YOu Raise Me UP"

The first experience was not as good as I expected. I was freakingly nervous. Haha...I sang alone. ANyway, I like the song by Mariah Carey, Bye BYe!!

The second experience was even COool!! OUr gang merged with Gary's gang and did this dedication.
I hope everybody enjoys it!! The audiences and also ourselves!!

You guys love that??? Try again next time!!


  1. waiqueen5:12 PM

    ha ha
    my afa friend told me what you did for charis.
    Really sweet and brave lah you~

  2. haha...well..I also scare de!!but still for her ma...


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