Aug 20, 2008

Cannes Tea House Part V

Everybody, I Promise this will be the second last one. Charis, see how good am I, I have done you 5 posts LOL

This is the Cake for Charis. what cake? Coffee Ice Cream CAke!! We all love Ice cream!!

Happy BIrthday to you, Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Charis, Happy birthday TOOOOoooooo YOuuUUUUUUuuu

Make a wish>>>

Nah...don't blow it off ya!! Pose man!!

UPON MY REQUEST...good Girl...haha...that's my Shooting angle...

Then she gave up...Keep on shouting sudah habis ke???


TO OUR DEAREST, BELOVED, SWEETEST CHARIS^^ know how we finished out cake?? LOL...we ate them together cut cut...pakai spoons and makan je...

Then when we ate the chocolate sticks, banyak stories LOL...thanks to LUke, the Hamsap Pau, we all dirty-minded edi...SWEat!!

Last but not least, Happy birthday ya!! Charis So PO!!


  1. charis9:46 PM

    girl im not SO PO kie u la SO po..
    yea thx girl! for d post

  2. po & so po only can click!!

  3. charis1:23 AM

    nonono..if i sph po u aso haha..blueks


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