Aug 18, 2008

Cannes Tea House Part IV

Adui...sudah banyak parts but lagi tak habis habis... this time, let us talk about FOOD!! What else to talk about if not FOOD??

Charis ordered POrtugal Sotong
Comment: Well...not bad but not spicy enough.

But see JOHn, air liur sudah meleleh when he saw Charis's Sotong!!

My Portugal Baked Fish
COmment: NOt Spicy, very very very little fish....Sad case!! Don't try

Ivan's Mushroom Chop
Comment: YUmmY, worth the price...Simply love the thick thick mushroom paste!!

Luke so hungry le...

Luke's Baked Cheese Rice
COmment: The cheese not nice. Wakaka!!

But you see how he ate it, it looks tempting LOL

Still continue eating although he knew I was taking pictures...What to do?? TOo HUNGRY!!

This is my Lemon Yoghurt Drink...
Comment: Not too bad...BUt I wish the yoghurt can be any denser!!

Gary's Fried Spaghetti
COmment: Nice!!

John's Fried Sotong Rice
Comment: I like the Sotong but the rice simply too dry la...Need more GRaVY@@ good he is, Sharing Is Caring!!

Ivan and Swee Ann busy playing Chinese Chess while we busy eating... many comments?? Well..practically we shared all our food la...Everybody tries each others, NICE??


  1. charis9:34 PM

    charis' sotong sounds so wrong man!

  2. wakaka...what are you thinking la my dear???


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