Aug 16, 2008

CanNes Tea House Part III

Since Mr Tomato asked, the location of this tea house is located near KFC, Genting Klang, Setapak.
It has no obvious restaurant signboard, but you need to walk and peek everywhere for it.LOL

OKOK....back to PART III. Aiyoyo...still don't know why we were here??

Drum Rolls~~~~~~
Proudly present, the birthday girl of 4th August, Charis Sim.

Aha...this is Me...LOL!! Yer...Jordan very bad. Gave her present but not me...S.A.D

John, Ivan, and Luke....

JOhn looked so enjoy with LUke man...LOL...Ivan = dumbstruck!!

Paiseh, Me again>>>

Trying to pose man...Hard!! Mana macam CHaris LOL...

John, the naughty boy

Girl buddies^^trying with Charis's Yeng Sunglass!! Wanna shop for one...GRrrrr

Too bad la...cannot be too fierce also...LOOKed INNOCENT

In case you didn't realise, I like this shirt...Wakaka!!

Birthday girl busy shooting for others but not herself...

JOhn & Ivan

Luke ni macam mermaid je...wanted to catch the ball now!! JOhn = dumbstruck (how come luke so weird today??)

Haha...that's the end of this post with the Cold Charis with Gary, the Aiya guy!!

There are more to come~~ Keep update yo!!

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