Aug 30, 2008

Art of Speaking

I was having emotional surges on and off lately. Perhaps it is because what had happened lately.

First of all, I want to clarify something.
I am not some one who knows the knack of speaking the right things at the right moments.
I always bump myself to the walls for saying something I should not have said.
Yet, the principle I behold is I will never speak vulgar words. WHat I use normally is just Shit, and Damn. NOt address to specific people but just myself.

HOwever, my main point here today is why people still want to use vulgar words in their conversations?

COme on people, are you civilized enough?
I believe we do.
HOw come the society nowadays is so prone to speaking vulgarly??
Is it some kind of so-called STYLE?

Why must it a MUST to have those "sophisticated" words?? Why do all these LJ, CCB, KNN, T, F words exist?? Who actually creates those words??

People who read this, I HATE, I DETEST people who actually speaks them.
NO matter how gentlemen, how pretty, how handsome, how rich, once you speak, everything is SO DIRTY that it is so unbearable, to me.
If you want to speak, just speak at somewhere else, but NOT IN FRONT OF ME.

For the first time in my life, I am being F by someone whom I do not know and I do not even know she exists.
As a third party, she has definitely NO RIGHT TO SCOLD ME!!

YOu are not anyone to me, in case you do not realise.
You may say I am just so exaggerated over minimal thing like this.
WHo cares??
It is me who being F and not you!!

If I have hurt you anyhow, YOu have the RIGHT to shoot me. BUt NOT SOMEONE WHOM is just as strange as stranger to me.

It is such a HEART BREAK when someone actually allowed another SO-CALLED THIRD PARTY came to me and F me like NOBODY BUSINESS!!
AND think that it is so RIGHTEOUS to do that. And you just TURNED AROUND AND WALKED OFF like you have done nothing.

If I slap you and then I said sorry, what will you feel??

And before you F people, take it in your own shoes.

I admit I am not people who will think before they speak.
BUT I have learned that I must.

TOday, I accidentally spoiled a fan. OF course I am being scolded.
Initially, I was like, "HEY you, I am not the one who wrong all!! YOu placed the thing at some places where normal people will not expect. Then when it is spoiled you turned around and blamed everything on me."
BUt I kept this to myself.

When I came to think of it, if I were her, I would definitely do the same, scold the one who spoil it and blame on him or her, so I decide to let the case rest itself. I don't want troubles.

SO people, learn how to speak POLITELY, and also DECENTLY.


  1. charis12:40 AM

    well i agree..!!
    if u wan to tell her how bad she or he is just go to the person and is only u and the person..
    it is not nice to just shoot people in front of so many people. what if people do this to you? what do u feel?
    secondly, if you d not know the whole story do not just say like u know everything..
    tht y rumours happen. sigh.vulgar word is not even a style it is not cool at all..!!
    in fact, this kind of words brings bad impression to others.
    come on grow up!
    words can be hurtful u noe..
    what do u feel if people said dat to u? happy?i doubt!
    so think before u said! Guard ur tongue form evil!!!

  2. Yea...if you know everything, also, do you actually reconcile from both sides??

    You should never ever judge too early...

    Judging does not really matter, because we cannot control what do you think of us.

    BUt do matter is what you actually say. If you want to shoot someone, go to him or her personally.

    If no guts, then just shut up and be listener, and act NO MORE

  3. Anonymous12:42 AM

    hows your pussy now?? he/she f u hard??


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