Aug 27, 2008


Here, I would like to dedicate Akon's "Sorry, Blame it on me" to anyone who has ever hurt by my act, because I may have done something that I didn't realize its impacts on you.

I would be much appreciated and grateful if whoever you are kind enough to tell me what's wrong with me.
I admit I am stubborn and insensitive with these kind of things.

I HURT People without I knowing...

Why can't you try to be frank??
I don't like twist and turn. It makes things complicated.
If you don't like, You can just YELL AT ME on the spot. DO it in front of me. I would feel much better.

DO correct me when you think something wrong with me, I need your kindness to make me a better person.

Last but not least, I want to say sorry to someone because I did not care of his feelings. I admit again, I never ever thought of it will hurt you. Blame it on me.

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