Aug 6, 2008

Again-dedicated to Joachim Tan

If only JOachim will look at this, haha...well...just wanted to share this with you guys...

THis is nice, I insisted to ask them pose again...

Why so nice la...(My aunt + Joachim)

My daddy & JOachim

My mom & JOachim

My brother & Joachim

He left on 3rd of August 2008, 9 am flight. The night before, we sent him back to Segambut. He was crying so badly which I also can't help to shed my tears.

Damn emo that night. Thanks to Jordan and Charis for being there for me. Esp JOrdan. THanks guy!! ALthough you are at Aussie at the moment.

Here you go>>>

Memories long live ^^ There is once upon a time when I took this with you, JOachim.

Thanks for your card as well...which used up your 2 bucks sticker and blood for cutting your hand^^

Last but not least, give you the 'sexy' picture!!

POsing on my bed...

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