Aug 30, 2008

Art of Speaking

I was having emotional surges on and off lately. Perhaps it is because what had happened lately.

First of all, I want to clarify something.
I am not some one who knows the knack of speaking the right things at the right moments.
I always bump myself to the walls for saying something I should not have said.
Yet, the principle I behold is I will never speak vulgar words. WHat I use normally is just Shit, and Damn. NOt address to specific people but just myself.

HOwever, my main point here today is why people still want to use vulgar words in their conversations?

COme on people, are you civilized enough?
I believe we do.
HOw come the society nowadays is so prone to speaking vulgarly??
Is it some kind of so-called STYLE?

Why must it a MUST to have those "sophisticated" words?? Why do all these LJ, CCB, KNN, T, F words exist?? Who actually creates those words??

People who read this, I HATE, I DETEST people who actually speaks them.
NO matter how gentlemen, how pretty, how handsome, how rich, once you speak, everything is SO DIRTY that it is so unbearable, to me.
If you want to speak, just speak at somewhere else, but NOT IN FRONT OF ME.

For the first time in my life, I am being F by someone whom I do not know and I do not even know she exists.
As a third party, she has definitely NO RIGHT TO SCOLD ME!!

YOu are not anyone to me, in case you do not realise.
You may say I am just so exaggerated over minimal thing like this.
WHo cares??
It is me who being F and not you!!

If I have hurt you anyhow, YOu have the RIGHT to shoot me. BUt NOT SOMEONE WHOM is just as strange as stranger to me.

It is such a HEART BREAK when someone actually allowed another SO-CALLED THIRD PARTY came to me and F me like NOBODY BUSINESS!!
AND think that it is so RIGHTEOUS to do that. And you just TURNED AROUND AND WALKED OFF like you have done nothing.

If I slap you and then I said sorry, what will you feel??

And before you F people, take it in your own shoes.

I admit I am not people who will think before they speak.
BUT I have learned that I must.

TOday, I accidentally spoiled a fan. OF course I am being scolded.
Initially, I was like, "HEY you, I am not the one who wrong all!! YOu placed the thing at some places where normal people will not expect. Then when it is spoiled you turned around and blamed everything on me."
BUt I kept this to myself.

When I came to think of it, if I were her, I would definitely do the same, scold the one who spoil it and blame on him or her, so I decide to let the case rest itself. I don't want troubles.

SO people, learn how to speak POLITELY, and also DECENTLY.

Outing with Vivian - Part I

Haha...this happened last Thursday but now only post it. HoPe not too Late^^

Early in the morning I drove to college. My girl, CHaris and the rest of my gang didn't come. Lonely~~
If I didn't promise to go out with Vivian, I would not have went to college actually...

Early in the morning it rained. SO heavily. Throughout my journey to Times Square, it was raining mercilessly.
Nah...this girl also like to SS in my car & with my camera!!

While Playing with my camera, she took this>>>

Nice bokeh^^

We went to Sungai Wang but parked at Times.
Initially I was going to attend annual dinner at Neway, Times Square but at the last minute, location changed to Neway, Leisure Mall... Sweat~~

Never mind...we walked walked and talked talked and shopped shopped.

Shot these while trying on this jacket>>>

We bought the same thing but different colors. Hers in white. Mine in Grey.
Actually it can be jacket, can be wore it like that also can be wore as skirt...

Walking around and around and shopped only one jacket.
Haha...felt so tired then we decided to buy Mag Nya Tong makan and sat on the benches for awhile>>>

Adui...what a mishaped Mag Nya TOng...1.50each. Bought 2 free one.

Not bad...BUt then ho, Vivian just couldn't finish it after I finished for half an hour ago.
And my brother ate one then fell sick. Sweat~~

Enjoy Dedication!!

I am happy because I have made people happy.


By dedicating songs to theM, which I have done it twice!!

The first time, it was for my dear girl, Charis, because it was her birthday!!
The second time, it was for our retiring Mr Kuek, and Mr Michael Yeo, who is so fond with the song, "YOu Raise Me UP"

The first experience was not as good as I expected. I was freakingly nervous. Haha...I sang alone. ANyway, I like the song by Mariah Carey, Bye BYe!!

The second experience was even COool!! OUr gang merged with Gary's gang and did this dedication.
I hope everybody enjoys it!! The audiences and also ourselves!!

You guys love that??? Try again next time!!

Aug 29, 2008

Yummy + Artistic

If you are hungry, this post is just perfect for you.
NOt only you can appreciate its artistry, you can eat it if you want too^^

Kawaii neh...Marvelous art pieces. That person must be a food lover^^

Aug 28, 2008


To "whoever" use my name to write something, please STOP THIS!!

Those words: " i hope you're not mad anymore..i already let u fu ck me last nite:S"

I NEVER EVER WROTE THAT!! And who is that fella, please give me some respect OK!!
It is my name, DON'T ABUSE MY NAME!!

I need to clarify here, because it is not what I Did!! RESPECT!!

Aug 27, 2008


Here, I would like to dedicate Akon's "Sorry, Blame it on me" to anyone who has ever hurt by my act, because I may have done something that I didn't realize its impacts on you.

I would be much appreciated and grateful if whoever you are kind enough to tell me what's wrong with me.
I admit I am stubborn and insensitive with these kind of things.

I HURT People without I knowing...

Why can't you try to be frank??
I don't like twist and turn. It makes things complicated.
If you don't like, You can just YELL AT ME on the spot. DO it in front of me. I would feel much better.

DO correct me when you think something wrong with me, I need your kindness to make me a better person.

Last but not least, I want to say sorry to someone because I did not care of his feelings. I admit again, I never ever thought of it will hurt you. Blame it on me.

Aug 26, 2008

Cute Cute Panda^^

Don't shoot me...wuu WUuu...Give back you the bamboo la!!

Makan time...let's Suck suck suck!!

Oo...sleepy o!!what a nice weather!!

Help Help!! Terkepit liao la!!

Aug 25, 2008

Cannes Tea House - Part VI

Haha...I am long gas...but you guys enjoy it right??

Be prepared for the pictures below>>>>

ChaRis again...with the Cake!!

Busy cutting, In fact, we don't need that^^

Half eaten...together gether eat... comes>>>>

Don't dare me!! ( are right, my girl!!)


Aug 24, 2008

BeiJing Olympic Closing Ceremony

Hey GUys!! Have you seen the Beijing Olympic 2008 CLosing Ceremony??

It is as good as the opening itself.
The program flow is amazing, the lighting is sophisticatedly done, the groove is technically stunned, the vocal singing is simply marvelous.

What else can I say???
It is simply so grandeur that you should not, never ever, ought to, miss it in anyway, anyhow, anything.

So make sure you watched it!! Download it!!
GOod job to the Chinese Filmmaker, Zhang Yi Mou, and Chinese Choreographer, Zhang Jigang for the ceremony^^

Mamma Mia! The Movie

Here you go, in case you do not see this poster before.

There is a premiere screening, organised by Nuffnang. It is going to be happening in 22th September 2008, at GSC, One Utama. come everytime also One Utama or Cathay Cineplex??

Well Well...come back to the topic.
I want to win a pair of tickets for this movie.
And what I am going to do is that do a post about it.
(I wonder whether I will get it or not, because it is said to be offered to first Glitterati members. Oh well, might as well try my luck.)

When I first saw this poster, I was quite attracted because it reminds me of those musical dramas like "Sounds of Music", which I personally like it SoooOo much...

I expect this Mamma MIa will be as good as those. When I see the words "Mamma Mia" it so happened that I hummed the same tune...Yo!! I want to get a pair of tickets la wei!! I wanna sing it aloud, if I can!!

I bet it is gonna be fun watching this movie, because there are three fathers man!! funny the conflicts can be!!

So can I get them?? PLease....*staring with watery eyes*

Aug 23, 2008

"Slightly slip" Petrol Price

Ehem...*clearing my throat - - partially because the flam, mostly because of the sarcasm I wish to stress on here*

If you read today's newspaper, You will definitely being attracted by the news of drop of petrol price.
It is "shocked" to find that the RON97 price drops from RM2.70 to RM2.55, which is "15 cents" slightly slip.

Aha...The price per barrel of Crude Oil has plunged with such an extreme angle but yet, what we get for per litre of petrol in Malaysia is pitifully slipped on a little. Haiz...

We, as consumers, really helpless~~~

Aug 22, 2008

HitoMi is sick, so sick

Sob~~I am sick man. come now only sick...while exam is one week time!!

Maybe it is because of the stress, or maybe I have no strength to fight over the virus.
What to do, my aunt has been sick for few weeks, still uncured.

Pity me now. Being infected@@

Really so damn sleepy today.
The day before, I went shopping and Annual Dinner until 1am.
Slept for less than 6 hours.

This morning, I pig until 7am only woke up and prepared myself for college. Unusually late, as I usually wake up around 6. Really cannot stand the fatigue and I nearly slept in office after I have done my job.

Just managed to sleep 3 hours plus just now. And now I am here again....I don't want get SICK!!!

Glam Prom Dresses

I know I have not been updating posts on Prom Dresses lately. Well, too many things to be done in short time, that's what I can say.

And making a post a day is not easy because I have more than one post per day but I want it to be so. patient ya!!

So today, I will finish my 4 collections: Eclectic, Classic & Cute, Wild & lastly, Glam!!

Glam = glamorous -- Well, that's my interpretation -- perhaps it is right.
If you wish to be as glamorous as those artists, I think it is no better choice than going for Glam Prom Dresses!!

Gloss, Class, and Silk - Expensive I guess??

Mixture of fabrics perhaps not as classy but gold itself represents its Glamor well enough!!

Red is classy + Glam

This one is Nice!! Eclectic & Glam!! Fusion~~

Low V cutting -- if only you have boobs like hers...

COming next: Sexy Prom Dresses, which I think it is not bad after all.

Aug 21, 2008


Meow~~CAn You fix it??

Oh GOSH!! Which plane fly over??

Adui...still can zZzzZ

I am 52 kg wo...won't collapse?

NO colour pencils? Take one from here!!

LOL...strong Glue

Wanna die faster?? Do like her...

Aug 20, 2008

Cannes Tea House Part V

Everybody, I Promise this will be the second last one. Charis, see how good am I, I have done you 5 posts LOL

This is the Cake for Charis. what cake? Coffee Ice Cream CAke!! We all love Ice cream!!

Happy BIrthday to you, Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Charis, Happy birthday TOOOOoooooo YOuuUUUUUUuuu

Make a wish>>>

Nah...don't blow it off ya!! Pose man!!

UPON MY REQUEST...good Girl...haha...that's my Shooting angle...

Then she gave up...Keep on shouting sudah habis ke???


TO OUR DEAREST, BELOVED, SWEETEST CHARIS^^ know how we finished out cake?? LOL...we ate them together cut cut...pakai spoons and makan je...

Then when we ate the chocolate sticks, banyak stories LOL...thanks to LUke, the Hamsap Pau, we all dirty-minded edi...SWEat!!

Last but not least, Happy birthday ya!! Charis So PO!!

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