Jul 26, 2008

ZOhan deserves2 be Kicked!!!

My hair is getting messier day by day...I wanted to leave my hair long but it just so long but still it is just my shoulder length...

I just cannot stand the messiness that hunted me day by day. It is time to get a HAIR CUT!!!

Long or short? Long or short?
Short or long? Short or long?
Why this problem always comes to me?? SHould I cut it?? Or just don't??
I think it is time I should ask for Zohan!!

Well...I came up to him and he was so friendly asking: WHat kind of hair do you want, my dear??
Then I replied: Hmm...what do you think? with my hair?

ZOhan: You must have no make up your mind anyway. Well...what do you think of this??

Hitomi: Ah....that's nice but then I want to keep my hair??
Zohan: Adui....you sure??
Hitomi: Ah Ah...(Yes)

Zohan: Well...this???

Hitomi: That's more like it. BUt then is my hair long enough???
Zohan: NOw i see. I am afraid not. Hmm....(long pause while flipping through the magazine)

Zohan: Aha...I found one. This>>>>

Hitomi: CoooOOoL...but Zohan, seriously I think it only lasts for a month and the color will not be that nice.
Moreover, I am not that pretty...It may looks ugly on me though.

Zohan: (Speechless.... Again, long pause...Was damn furious....This girl must have been coming here to waste my time!!!)

At last he spoke: Well...I just know what fit you. Just have a seat and I will help you.

I did and at the end, I was damn freaked out!!!

ZOHANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.........(and a big kick out on his bottom...Hia!!!!! That's what you did to mE!!!!!!!!)

KNow what he did??>>>>>


Haha...well... why I wanted to watch this so much?
Firstly I was attracted to his pose in the poster. I was also amazed. He did a straight kick up the air man!!! BraVO!!!
Secondly I wanted to watch this beforehand.
Thirdly, I wanted to meet up other cool bloggers around. Yo!! Thay's life!!

SO do I get it???

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