Jul 5, 2008

What I have learnt about guys

Ladies and gentlemen,

A very good evening to all of the readers.

Today I will be blogging on this specific topic. Please do not take it personally and if you feel it isn’t true at all, do share your thoughts.

You are definitely welcome!!

Well, guys say girls are hard to understand. But I would say guys are equally hard to understand too.

The very first thing is the egoism in guys.

Why can’t a guy stand of being teased? Why do they keen to be peer pressured?

In social aspect, I do think this is the character, or the nature, which I think is more appropriate to be fit in.

For example, guys cannot stand to be said ‘No ability’. The most suitable real live example is those old men. ( NO hard feelings ok?!) Even when they are old, they tend to do more Sex than younger generation did, notwithstanding those who actually need medicine to boost they ability. They become more sensitive even then.

Yet there is another real live example, why guys cannot stand to be single. A guy knows that he and his former girl friend are having problems, which drove them to break off. But few months later, if the girl asked to get back, they guy will still accept the girl.

Again why?? If the guy knows that this girl is not good, why did he still accept the girl again?

Secondly, the tendency to say A do B, which was previously being shared by Charis in her blog.

They may be telling person A that he did not like the girl and then he broke up with her.

Then turn around and accepting the same girl again.

Why?? Is it just that hard to do what you said and say what you will do?

Thirdly, the perception of love.

Everybody have their own perception of what love means to them.

Guys normally take love more important than anything else. TO a certain extent, I would say it is good. However, the bad thing is that once the guy failed to prove his perception, he will tend to change his perception, even though the initial one is the right one.

For example, if Guy A likes girl B very much and they eventually fell for each other. However, once they broke up, the guy will just think that he no longer should stay in serious relationships anymore. Instead, they will say they want to be a Casanova.

Why can they just so easily change their perception just because of a failure?

Lastly, Guys are not that tough when it comes to the matter of love.

Guys tend to grab back the girls even though the girls have voiced to break off. Yes, I would say they definitely have the right to do so. But come to think of it, I do think that girls think deeply and in a more matured way before they actually jump into the conclusion.

Why she will voice up? There must be reasons, and even then if they know of it, still, they will persist and insist to get her back.

The most unendurable thing about guys is they will just think it is the end of the world for losing her in your life, which I think it is very immature.

Even though you lose her, your life still goes on.

Life Goes ON…mind that.

Without her, you still need to eat, sleep, work, study etc etc.

Without her, you still live on.

A temporary period of sadness will no doubt happen. But do remember to Stand up and Live your life Again.

It ain’t End!!

Does it explain why girls will like matured guys???


  1. charis8:41 PM

    i totally agree with wat u said...
    i believe u wrote this out of what are u goin on now..
    immature guys are hard to understand..
    i also do not understand why they are like tis
    but i can tell u not all d guys are d same..
    some guys are mature enuf to think in a diff view..
    n tht kind of guys is worth investing for..
    i have think for quite sometime bout it. *d investing part*
    agree with me?

  2. Haha...investments...high risk high return lol.

    I do agree with you. Matured guys are easier to deal with.

  3. charis5:32 PM

    yupz..really lo even is elder but is immature better dun take d risk ..age doesnt matter as wat ppl say but maturity is important!!!!i repeat IMPORTANT

  4. If the guy so old still immature then i can say no eye see lo...

    OKie, don't so freak out kie?


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