Jul 17, 2008


Aiyoyo...advanced life really so different, which I have initially thought it would be a pretty smooth transition.
Hypothesis is rejected!!!!

Many assignments are queuing up for me to complete them.
English Persuasive Presentation - - - Next week
PM Group Assignment - - - Next Tuesday
Tax Group and Individual Assignments - - - Next Next Week

Thank goodness that Mr Michael Yeoh has postponed the day of submission to 8th of August for Taxation Assignments!! It relieves me a lot.

At least, not that hectic. Still, lots of confusions, complications arise, and worse still, I fail to find the team dynamic in my group. Maybe because of unwanted circumstances arise...Lappie, desktop spoilt....

I hope everything will be clearer, and I wish it will...Stress stress stress...
Lack of sleep as well...because sleep at 12 and wake up at 6

It is time for a Deep Breath..Inhale~~~~~~~~~and Release~~~~~~~ Pause.... AGain....Inhale~~~~~~and Release~~~

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