Jul 23, 2008

Saigon Village

Here you go>>>

You know where it is located??

Now you know?? If you can't, do change your spectacle!!

Let's look at the interior>>>

It is decorated with Vietnamese style. It is homely, spacious. You ain't need to squeeze to eat. The table is big, the space between one table and another is big. Simply comfortable.

Just that you won't label your house toilet like that>>>

And here are Trisha, little cutie, & Joachim, the big guy>>>

The food there is very nice. Try it!! You will be amazed. They serve beef, pork, chicken...NO need to afraid they will say no PORK!! And they served delicious meat^^ JUst loved it.
WE tried the Vietnamese Popiah...you can just wrap vegetables, the meat, and sauce together and eat.

This is the Vietnamese Coffee>>>

Special huh??? When they serve it, the coffee was still dripping from the coffee powder in the stainless steel little pot above the cup...

It is bitter. But I think it is nice...better then Cappucino!!

Overall we spent around RM 180 for lots of dishes. The vegetables are just cooked at the right level and taste!! Try it, you simply will love it.

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