Jul 21, 2008

Pre COnvocation

Ehem...I am finally graduated after two years of being a Diploma student.
Happy lo...at last, I can proceed to advanced diploma. It means I am one step closer to ACCA quaification.

Well...Let me tell you the story the day I went to collect my graduation gown.
Let me recall...(Aiz...cannot remember already. Let me go search for my letter...Hehe^^)

The day is 10 of July, 2008, Thursday. The very morning, I reached college at 7something..Haha...want to try whether the traffic is smoother, and yes, indeed. (It also means I will do so for the rest of this semester..)

I had English class from 8am to 9.30am. Then our kindness, Ms Ooi, has granted us to leave earlier to collect our gown because we heard that yesterday, the collection day, it was such a long queueueueueueue....

I didn't think of going to collect my gown first, Don't know why. Just it did not come across my mind.
By the time we left class to function room, there are people queuing up. So many that I didn't really want to count it. The later it was, the more people there were.

They cut queue, everybody cut queue, many also followed to cut queue...
All was damn messy. Aiz...Malaysian ma...

First we need to clarify whether we have completed our Tracer Study. I did...but I forgot to bring the paper. Never mind then because they have people to check LOL.

We were given random numbers. Then throng of people had already stuck all the way to the entrance. Pitiful...
I was quite far, but then I managed to get through all the crowds. Haha...
You know why??? Because those graduated with Distinction are allowed to go first.
What a good priority!! Love it man...

Indeed, Yet Ling, Yeng Kai, and me were so enthusiastically raised our hands when they called for those graduated with Distinction!!! Thanks to them because helping me^^

We have all the gowns to choose. We no need to queue up for the submission of forms. Everything is simplified for us, NiceEeee...
So three of us, yaya...started to searching through the pile of S size gowns.
So choosy la us, but why not?? Haha...we are granted the priority.

Tried one, tried two, tried three, tried four...

TO be frank, I do not really know how to see. Just looked around and chose one. Finally...
See mine>>>>

It is big, as big as M size. Haha...very hot as well...because of the cloth.

Then I got my hood>>>

And my mortar board>>>

Funny le...looks like a pant with no hole to put in your legs!!

I went off and was attentively listening to the instructors outside, teaching us how to wear all the stuffs above^^
The instructor was very jovial and helpful^^

Then when I wanted to pack mine. I scrutinized my gown and GOSH!!!
There is a hole in it!! I did not want my RM 300 gone because of that hole, made by someone else!!!!

Then I went in again and searched for another gown. Haiz...no S size liao...Then suddenly I saw a pile of unwanted S gowns on the floor. I chose one. NO more choosy!! CAn't choose either.

There it went my day of collecting gowns. All was messy!!

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