Jul 10, 2008

OO Night 2008 - Part II

Before I start to dwell further, do spare me few seconds to present you the OO Night 2008 ticket design>>>

The theme was You Groom We Zoom...This was the student ticket, which I prefer to my own VIP ticket.
The color and design are comparably nicer...Sob~~Why!!

Next, the OO Finalists>>>

Initially planned to take each picture, but then so many people walked around to peep at the pictures...So - - no CHoice...

Personally I think the quality of the finalists are not that good. I would say normal normal only.
This year they are more cute rather than beautiful.

The stage deco>>>

The night was officially launched by Principal, Ms Yoong Lai Thye.
The idea was quite unique and creative. The Principal was given a huge cell phone, and she was asked to dial it. Guess what?? The response was: Your call is currently not available. Please try again later...
Wakaka!! Good Opening man!!

WHile the opening performance was presented by the ex TT finalists>>>

Groove, Groove, Groove...

COming Next, a video clip to reveal the Shopping Queen>>>

Finalists will be judged on their choices for summer clothing, sponsored by O Two Fashion Trading.

Elecoldxhot is the guest performing another dance>>>

Emcees for the night were Amanda, Emcee cum Programme Master ( She is very caliber!!) , and Mr Faizal, the winner of last year TT in Emcee-ing.

Snapshot while the finalists were performing drama>>>

A cute drama indeed. They are power puff girls, Superman, Spiderman...whom are transformed after they made their wishes under the shooting star...LOL (Funny wish they made!!)

Formal Style Catwalk as well as the Q&A session>>>

Girls were being dressed up in wedding-gown-like, while guys were being dressed up in cot. White cot is the best!!

Before the night is ended, the programme team was performing as well!!

So to introduce them^^

To catch up more, wait for the Part III which will be posted soon...

Before I decided to go home, I met up with these two girls, so as to take a picture with them...
I didn't take pictures with the finalists, haha...cause no mood...

Me & Mey Yee, the stage director>>>

Me & Kah Ang, another stage director>>>

I was being told that the spotlight which so happened being overturned has done a big hole on the stage...LOL...
I was quite shocked. Never ever imagine that...

Thank goodness the event has ended. I bet the committees have much more to follow up with the college authorities...

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