Jul 7, 2008

OO Night 2008 - Part I

This was the second time I went to Orientation Odyssey Night, which was organized by SBS SWC on 29th July 2008.
The first time was last year 23th of July 2007 which was uncovered in : http://hitomi5.blogspot.com/2007/07/uncovering-oo-part-i.html http://hitomi5.blogspot.com/2007/07/uncovering-oo-part-ii.html

My look on that night>>>

Haha...I tried a little make up with my mom's help^^The hair do is not that good but it is D.I.Y.
At first, I planned to go for hair trim but it is not that long for my desired hair style, so I had to wait lo..one or two more months...SooOOoo long I have waited. It has been 3months!!

It was the night where I met most of my old mates from SWC. Konon-kononNya I have been sleeping since last SBS Night 2007
Happy Happy to see theM...but they were so Busy...KonoN-koNonnYa coMMittees Ma!!!

OKok...show you my pictures of the Night, before I went into the hall>>>

I like this the most. Beside me is Lai Li, Leng lui or not??

Me & Mr Sheng Siang, if I am not mistaken...LOL..People got girlfriend already, and being spotted by Me...

Assistant Course Representative of AFA, Laura & Me...

me & HamSap Pau...He is really a Hamsap Pau...but I like this picture too^^

Michelle + Me + Lai Li...Michelle goes for CIMA...after being influenced by Lai Li but Lai Li is not in my Class!!

Here are my photos with OO Night Committees & Crews>>>>

Kitty + Me ( Looks blur because choosing wrong mode...)

Me + Salmon ( He did look ghostly after make up...Even fairer than me...LOL...Because of the flash la...forgot Off)

Christina + Me ( Thanks for coming for my birthday ya!!)

Sharon + Me ( Thanks for coming too...Nice girl you are)

Mr Leslie + Me ( He still looks that blur and innocent la...)

Albert Tea + Me...( Used to call him teh tarik...now is ChairMan...no play PLay you know!!)

Diana + Me ( Another Top Management of SWC...Always sleep at her house when go clubbing!! When will we go again?)

Alan + Me ( Pity him la...the face so sensitive...HOpe you get well SOoon!!)

Cham...forgot his name...Paiseh Paiseh...Don't beat me ar!!

A final one with them...Josephine + Me + ??? + Diana...(Ish ish ish...I forgot her name again!!)

Sorry ya dude...if your name is being wrongly named or forgotten!! Really sorry~

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