Jul 8, 2008

Mixtures Of Emotions

My day has been so mixed today.

I simply speechless.
How on earth can I actually "conteng" on my own BANKDRAFT!!!
SOme more that is for ACCA membership registration..SWT SWT SWT
Adui adui...I never realize that when I was actually so enthusiastically doing my "Inspiration" thingy...

Stupid la...Really stupid until that I cannot help to deny it. Not a single trace of defiant!!

I asked my friends, Ms Sumathy, and even Ms Say...Some said should be ok, some said don't know.
Haiz...Well..worse comes to worse, I went to CIMB, at Taman Bunga Raya, which is where I first bought this INITIAL bank draft.
A lot of troubles arose because mine is the "rare" case!! Even the bank officer was helplessly searching for advices.

Thank goodness the rate of Pound is not increasing but decreasing,
Thank goodness the cancellation charge is not that expensive,
Thank goodness the officer is kind enough,
Thank goodness I have my bunch of friends who are so willingly accompanied me to ask for renewal.

At last, I managed to get my new bank draft with paying extra RM5 for cancellation and RM2 for issuance charge. Phew~~~

Before I went to renew my bank draft, my mind was just so dazzled. How "Sei fo" you know!!
And in Performance Management lecture, Ms Say came in and brought us a good news.

The good news is we no longer need to take Performance Management paper in our skill module, not even internally assessed!! Whoa...that means we no need to sit for final as well...because we have our exemption for this paper!!
The whole lecture hall was simply so High that all of us were just shouted and screamed out of joy!!

However, when she proceeded, she mentioned that our Performance Management is now 100% coursework based. It also means besides the two assignments for this paper we are doing now, there will be additional 3 or 4.

Not again??? Without those add on assignments, I already have 5 on hand to be submitted. Hmm...stress started to mount...what to do??

Nevertheless, I really appreciate the good news that temporarily excited me. The End...

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