Jul 25, 2008

COnvocation - MOrning SeSsion

Hoho..this is me...Testing with my camera. Using Smile Shot mode, But I was so sweat when it actually took 3 pictures of the same face. What's the point?? [ The day before COnvocation ]

The next morning, I woke up around 9am. Ate my breakfast. Dressed up in formal. Pinned my hair. Put some make up. Headed to the bank. Then only reached college around 11pm.
[Taken in car..obviously!!!]

FRiends said want to take pictures. So I decided to go earlier lo...although my afternoon session started at 2pm and required to register before 1.15pm^^ Anyway...I was early!!

The very first person I saw>>>

Luke... He was so enthusiastically taking pictures at the slope...Looked so tomato like under the burning hot Sun!! NO more JJ -like.

2nd Person, Distinction student with Book Prize...NO Pray Pray!!>>>

Me, Wen Cong & His Girlfriend, Cindy>>>

Mr Zheng Hong & Me...>>>

Thank goodness my Mom still know how to take a steady picture^^ Thanks MOM...

Haha...at last met my old gang>>>>

4 of us back to Action!!! Left out Lian Sim only...SHe really funny. She paid for it but not coming. Sweat!!
[ Li Ling, Me, Geok San, & Tracy ]

She smiled until 'keras' already...Wakaka!! Will I be the same??

Borrowed for awhile...keke>>>>

All dollies...I prefer flower.

Wee Liam & Me..he was clever in finding shade>>>

Next, change of venue, Under the Tree!!
Proudly presents our Guys>>>

I can tell that it was Ivan playing with my camera. See how blur it is?? Ivan is the one on the right...

Aha...here comes the Mr Gary...LOL...you know la>>>

Hans's Girlfriend, Devinder & Me>>>

I wonder where was Hans's flower??

Add one more girl here!! Joyce, if I am not mistaken>>>

Again, CHaris wanted to do a Lesbian pose, and here we did>>>

Then, 4 of us In Action again!! New gang, new faces>>>

Ivan in black, me in orange, Chee Leong & Charis in white ( Ehem...something wo...)

One more again>>>

Let's Bully Jordan~!!! He was going to leave Malaysia on the same day at 5pm. So rush man!! All the best in Melbourne, Aussie^^

Change person>>>

Now it was YinXie's turn, the girl with flower

Lilian on the go>>>

With us the posers...

Come come...all the morning session graduands>>>

Devinder, Nishanti, Luke, Joyce, Lai Li, YinXie, the guy which I am not sure, Jeremy??

Another poser in action!!

Last but not least, Nishanti & Me>>>

Gosh!! Where is your hands??

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