Jul 26, 2008

COnvocation - Afternoon Session

Morning everybody!! It is me, on the day of convocation, afternoon session. I was on my way to bank on Sunday, before I headed to college.

I met with morning session friends and shot some pictures with them. NOw it is the time for my afternoon session.

The stage>>>>

The handbook>>>>

Inside got a lot of names of graduands for the Year 2008, and of course, I am IN!!!


Hitomi in Convocation full set gown...

I was being seated at the front row, GOSH!! It is privileged seat. Simply because I graduated with DISTINCTION!! haha...but too bad, no book prize...LOL

You got better view, you got more photographers walked and shot around. Obviously I have few more pictures with them, still waiting Charis's Dad to pick them up for us...When ar my dear??

We waited quite long after we were seated...What to do, waiting our Minister of Health, Liow Tiong Lai ma>>>>

haha...I was proud to shake hand with him...LOL

In the mid of waiting, I grabbed the time to snap around with friends sitting just beside me>>>>

Soon Khang & Hitomi ( Beh Tahan him la...wear tie say his neck very itchy...SWT!!)

Another one with him, but both sleeping...(What a right timing!!)

Joane & Me ( I knew her from Talentime Night 2007. We were helpers^^)

Glad that we actually received the so-called scroll earlier, because the longer the time, the more bore you can feel from the crowd...but WAIT!! SEE this>>>>

It is empty...adui....why la don't give us the scroll!!

Glad that we were not the first row to go up the stage first, because we needed examples. FOR WHAT?? for posing in front of the cameras la dui...all DSLR man...and you have to pay for it, MUST NOT BE WASTED!!

After everything ended, first of all, I called my parents and asked them for meet up>>>>

My dad & Hitomi

My mom & Hitomi

Hitomi^^ ( Look so funny la...)

Thank goodness we were afternoon session graduands, because we need not to go out after everything ended, but took our own sweet time posing for pictures and pictures with airconds...CooOOoL...

Then I met my secondary friend, Michelle>>>

Aha, a few of my family photos>>>

Thanks for the flower, Dad & Mom!!

aFter that, our own shooting time with my gang!!!

This is Mr Chee Leong with roses...LOL...guys also get roses...

From left: Ivan, Chee Leong, Charis, Me, & Yeng Kai...( pity Ivan...no flower la dia)

Ivan & Hitomi>>>

self Shooting again...

Hitomi + CL + Ivan

Charis & Me...this girl don't like red roses...Haha...

father of TEn & Me...grabbing for scroll, obviously!!

May our forces combine>>>>

Haha...funny thing that we came about is that we actually took the 4 families photos together....LOL...LAL>>>

Then, suddenly Swee Ann bumped into us, haha..hardly saw any classmates around>>>

While waiting for shooting, I shot these for my parents>>>

THis idea was mine. I suggested that we took each other's picture, but I don't like mine la...>>>

charis Untung la...

Charis + Yeng Kai + SNoopy + Me ( Cutenya the snoopy...)

Solo time^^ Ivan took this, a bit blur///

Lastly, Yet Ling & Me>>>

After all these, I was freakingly tired, and I went home. What a relieve after taking off the heavy gown...

Before I ended this post, I would like to show you these>>>

My lilies...this is the first time I got a bouquet...

Tak tahan to shoot with lilies^^

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