Jul 30, 2008


What a nice timing that finally it is certified??

Can't it be any other time??
Why must it be 28th of July 2008??

When my dad was not around...everything has gone so clumsy!!

Maybe I have no habit of checking my car, that may explains why it was so badly handled.

I supposed that my dad helps me to check my car. OH well..stil it is died. NO choice.
I do not know whether it is my carelessness that caused the death of my battery but it was so run-out-of-water man!!

Perhaps 2years has been enough. What people says, enough is enough!!
Then it died...
No Choice.

Thank goodness, it did not happen to me while I was driving man. Thank goodness that my mom had not drove off. If not my car would not be stranded at my working place, it may be somewhere farer which the mechanic has to go long way to rescue my car man!!

Glad that everything is ok now. It costs me 160 bucks for a new battery!! INFLATION!! 100bucks ---> 160 bucks!!

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