Jul 31, 2008

Bloody Affair

Gosh man!! Here it came - - - the bloody affair!!
I have been waiting it long ago.

Guys and Girls, I have not lose my NERVE, need not to squeak at the Bloodiness!!
Well, thanks for Ivan for naming it so beautifully. Any guess, ladies and gentlemen??

NO guess??

TOO bad~~

Hmm...FYI, my college, Tunku Abdul Rahman College, has its blood donation campaign running this week at college hall. And so, I, who is so enthusiastic about donating my blood, straight away went for it, with no other thoughts or drawbacks!!

I simply wanted so much to donate!! Well...it saves lives, I didn't see any bad though.
I have missed my previous chance to donate due to my "aunty coming". NO choice.

Initially, Ivan and I decided to go donate together gether.
On Tuesday itself, we two went for it. We filled our forms, checked our blood, check our heartbeats.
Aha...here comes the story...

Ivan, perhaps not enough sleep on MOnday, due to burning mid-night oil for Agent-M, was not in condition.
His heartbeats was far too low that the female doctor actually kicked him out. In other words, he was being disqualified. Sweat!! Even though we had had our light food...

TOo bad...tata Mr Ivan.
Left me alone to donate. Sweat!! Next time remember to sleep well, Ivan!!!

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