Jul 3, 2008

BiRthDay PArt II

I didn't talk much in the first part.
Well...here I will.

Last Friday, Charis initially said that she cannot make it to my party, so Damn sad la....But thanks because she did come along. Haha...Love ya!!

We went to Little Tree separately. I accidentally swerved into junction at the traffic light. Sweat...being in the wrong path for twice...Haiz...

By the time I reached there, we just did play around with guitars and piano, shoot here and there, which is quite obvious. I was hesitated of what to order, so I was the one who order at the last minute...LOL

And that explains why my food came so late than anyone. Wuu Wuu...Once my food was here, I was so hungry and I ate it straight away without thinking of shooting a new looking picture of my Mushroom Chicken CHop ( RM12.90) - - - Should try it out if you are there!!

After our meal, here comes the surprise. HOnestly it was not really a surprise.
First, I knew it they will be celebrating for me.
Second, they acted funny. Esp Ivan: Come, come, come, Ko Ko bring you go toilet...
Third, my gang left all and left me alone.

Then, Christina played the birthday song, while Ivan they all carrying the cake^^
This was the very first time that I celebrated with my friends & with cake, I simply don't know what to do. SMile?LAugh?Cry?LOL

Anyway, I appreciated you guys for buying me my favorite cake - - - Ice cream Cake!! And one more, the wording!!

As you expected, this is Luke's picture.

While this is mine. I like the lighting^^ Romantico...but shot at the wrong angle. Should have turned the cake around.

And this my Moo-MoO-mOo-MoO ice cream cake lo!! Very nice decorations, and I simply like it!! Although it is not chocolate ice cream...Thanks to Mr Ivan, being the camera man for most of the time^^

After I made a wish & Blew off the candles, then everybody start to feast on the MoO-mOo-Moo-mOO cake...
See how enjoyable are they>>>

Ivan acting cute again...LoL..Tracey!! Saw this??

Christina was doing ghost face while I was shooting for Lai Li...(Haha...Naughty naughty!!)

Nah..play play play until your cake stained on your lips...

After all the cakey session, then all of them scrambled home lo...never be any faster.
I cannot even thank them for coming...So I will do it here!!

Thanks for coming everybody!!

Before we left, we took one more shoot...Best gang ever!!

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