Jun 16, 2008


Hehe..you think of Yahoo??

NoNO....you are definitely wrong wrong wrong!!!

Well...Remembered what I have mentioned about the cash rebate in previous post??

Ok la....I ASSUMED you know...Aha...that's what the Performance Management Lecturer, Mr Lim Ching Tek always use. I assumed this I assumed that...

I never ever be not doubtful about what is he trying to convey anyway...SwT~~
I felt so wanted to ask : Alo, Dear Mr Lecturer, do you know what are you trying to say??

Oki oki, back to here. (Trying hard not to stray away from the main topic....Erggg...)

The good thing about today is I have finally, ah yes, Finally got my hand on my cash rebate of RM625...
YEs!! Soo happy that at last I have CASH on hand...

I am not quite liquid lately. Perhaps I have spent too much...time to reconcile my Expenses & Income^^

For the RM625, I will give RM200 to my Mommy as Mother's Day present^^ ( Sorry la mummy for not celebrating your mother's day yet...$$ is better nowadays??)

For my daddy, the same as well...for Father's Day^^but I will give him RM100 and another RM100 next time. He really don't know how to save for future...Sad Case~~~

Well...after all, I got my cash rebate!!
Aha...after quite a long wait ya...Thank goodness the post office is just nearby my house. So, I worked and then went out to check the queue. I needed to wait for 80 people you know...that's crazy!!

For those people who haven't get theirs, you still have long time to claim it anyway!!
Happy HapPy!!


  1. Anonymous4:21 PM

    haha..just 80 ppl??i had to wait for 250 ppl....hehe..

  2. haha...so cham ar?
    hehe...mine is small small post office^^
    some more i chose to go around 4pm like that.
    That's why not many people...I guess

    Next time please leave your name lo...at least I know who are you.Thanks^^


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