Jun 10, 2008

Wild Prom Dress

Thanks for your comment, Regina. I understand what you are feeling. But I can tell you that I have the small one too^^
NO worries ya...you still can try to boost it with techniques.

Ok...Now will be focusing on Wild Prom Dress.

Being wild is not too hard. Either you utilise the animal prints as your dress design or you can be wearing the Redilicious or blackilicious dress.
Doesn't sound too hard, does it?

Personally I would think this is combination of eclectic and wild...I always like this kind of design^^

Errr...this one a bit old-fashioned, don't you think the same way?

OooO...the first short one I realised. I like short dress because you need not to be worrying about stepping on your dress rim^^

This is NiCeee.....

I understand that teenagers like us won't be having so much money to spend on the Prom Dress just for a night and keep it inside our closet for next time which we will never know when it will be.
And also the issue of your dress being too out-dated...

Cheers^^ I believe you can find yours too!!

I like JOVANI's.
If you realised, most of the pictures are from Jovani's designs.

For more dresses, kindly hopping to these websites::::::

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