Jun 19, 2008

Why guYs' Leg so Big??

Before I further explain, DO take your own Sweet, delicate, & well-managed time to see this^^

Do you understand what the pictures mean??

Description - 1st pic - Charis's Leg
Description - 2nd pic - Mine^^
Description - 3rd pic - Ivan's Furry Leg...(Wakaka....trying hard to surpress my simply audibly laugh.......)

That day, Mr Ivan actually wore his slipper to college...Haha...he always does?
Well...that's not the matter.
We were practically quite bored with the lecturer, whom I forgot who is it.

mr Ivan : HOw's my slipper?? NIce??
Me: OoOoOoo....why so big??
Mr Ivan: (Speechless)
Charis: I agree...
Me: COme Come, let's compare.

Then I slipped into his slipper, and so did Charis, both of us found it quite hilarious when we see our tiny legs on the gigantic slipper...LOLOLO

What is so unexpected is that Mr Ivan..... actually slipped his FURRY leg into Charis's high heel...
What la Mr Ivan...what are you thinking??

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