Jun 4, 2008

Today is so Dramatic

Aha...not to be fooled by the title itself.
What I mean to be TRAGIC is Sky...

Sky is really a nice canvas to me. IT draws multiple drawings relentlessly and the clouds will hardly be found the same anyway.
It simply means ORIGINAL..

This morning was a crystal blue sky, neatly decorated, of course,when I was on my way to college.

The sun was embracing the sky once again...

Sometimes I do realize the tiny planes that puffed the smokes and added some colors and patterns to the nicely drawn canvas>>>

However, while I was back from college around 4pm. It was totally another different stories...
It was dumping so heavily and suddenly and dramatically that I hardly see the surrounding but only dots and dots of lights emanating from the cars around.

I wonder will it flood somewhere in Malaysia??

1 comment:

  1. wooo...2day i oso take some pic of my sky too...going to post soon..heheh^^

    the sky look cooL^^


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