Jun 14, 2008

Thanks, Charis!!

Hey ya...don't be shock or what la, girl....
Don't cry you know when you see this...LOL...Shock sendiri@#

I really want to, and mean to say thanks to you for being there for me ya!!
Good buddies forever!!

Although my first impression over you is not good, still, I wonder why we can click to one and another so fast...
Do you?

Haha...Thanks for your advices and bla bla bla...we did alot of "Girl Talk" and nonsense talk...most of the time.
NOw only I realise you are so playful and funny...

Really Sorry if you thought I should have knew this earlier...PaisehNya...
So I am here today and specially dedicated this post to you...Charis Sim

I really feel happy most of the times when we are together...(Errr..although it sounds abit les..I can tell you it isn't...don't think soOOoo much oKie?)

You know la...you so naughty and also naughty...it brightens my day anyway!!
I really enjoy my life now....I hope it will last, will it?


  1. charis8:38 PM

    hey girl..i'm really shock..i mean i thought u will write something else but i never thought this is the post u wrote for me...honestly, i am touched. Never a person who write something about me tho there is one particular person said so but well as i said before say only those people.. well, no worries le..after all we can't judge a book by its cover.. of course it wil last...once a friend forever a friend my dear...nice chatting with you, do you know that? i'm glad that i have brighten up your life...it's my pleasure..=p thanks for ur appreciation towards me..i really thank you a lot..love ya girl..anything feel fre to call me or message i will always be there for u..a friend in need is a friend indeed...*hugs*
    may our laughters last till the end of the world.

  2. Aha...I am the First one^^
    So proud anyway!!

    Ya...A friend in need is a friend indeed..

    Thanks aAaaaLot man^^
    We rocks!!

  3. charis11:47 PM

    indeed u r d 1st ..
    =] thx gurl!

  4. I am proud of it^^


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