Jun 14, 2008

Random Puffiness

I think I have a new habit lately.

Maybe because I am too free at times, or maybe I just be so observant lately, or maybe because my classes are all early in the mornings.

[This is the nicest after all...I like this most!! It looks so YumMy in the morning!!]

Well...I just like to snap the sky whenever, wherever I see anything that simply intriguing.
[No edition made to this picture..It is naturally being shot. Somehow I like the effect~]

Random Puffiness --- I named it so because I simply like the texture itself.

Imagine ---- that you are just above the sky and you can just slightly sway your hands...

What touches you will be the smooth and refreshing airy cotton-like cloud.

I wish I can. The sense of imaginary melts in me, ya, it does!!

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