Jun 2, 2008

mYsterious Foot prints

Adui...I really speechless right now.

HOw come BLOODY FOOTPRINTS will be inside my house??!!
The Funniest thing is that nobody see them except me this SMART DETECTIVE...lol...

The footprints started from

It was damn LOT You know....
I thought what the BLOODY CAT after sex then BLEED and came in searching for a comfy place to settle HERSELF
But after DETECTING the SHIT that it left, I can conclude that it is not a cat but a RAT!!

Nowadays those rats are really big in size.
They can even AS BIG AS A CAT!!
I really have no idea which RAT had invaded our house but We found non of his backside...
I will kick it out mercilessly for sure!!

Stupid...some more SHIT at my PC...

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