Jun 8, 2008

Mason Full Moon

Who is Mason?

This baby?

Yea yea...you are definitely right. Mason is his name. I wonder how his parents got this name.
I searched the google and found that Mason is one who works with brick or stone. And I really don't understand why they give such a French name...LoL...

He is one month old on 5th of June 2008.
On that day itself, Thursday, his parents had organised a dinner at Noble House Restaurant, which is located at Jalan Imbi.

The restaurant is expected to be posh, as it is so "Noble". And yes, it is indeed.
The dinner itself costs RM2000 per table, that's what I heard from my parents.

Well...doubtlessly you will expect something expensive to be served. If I say no, then you will be goggled at me.
And the answer is definitely a Yes!!

For the first dish, it is very special. They served something that I have never been served in normal wedding dinner.
It is yumMy...and I like it^^

For the second dish, it is shark fin pot.
Instead of serving a big bowl, they do it in each single small clay pot and have them cooked separately.
There are full piece of shark fins, and you can see that's it is really small shark fin, and totally in shape and no fake one ok!! It is damn nice.
BUt after these two I was so damn full. Because I drank and I ate the leftover of Sasha Tan...sob~~so SAN FU!!

Oh ya...I drank alot on that night. Because I was not the driver. Yeah!!!
I drank Cordon Bleu, Black Label, Plum Wine from Japan, Laici Wine, White wain, Red Wain...almost everything...BUt I just tested them and the rest finished by my brother, mom and father.LOL...

AS for the rest of the dishes, I did not really taste them and it was not that nice. Maybe because I was too full.
Most importantly, the ABALONE>>>

Last time at Ah Yat I was not able to taste the ABALONE, but this time I did. I think the cook has cooked it so long that I think it is so tasty and soft. YuM YuM...

The dessert at the end of the dinner - Manga Sai Mai Lou - was very ori indeed. SO mango punch like!!

If you Got moNey and Time, just go and have a try anyway.
And also visit the gold fish there^^

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