Jun 25, 2008


Halo ladies and gentlemen ( as Charis always emphasizes on this )
I am here. Again, of course. What is playing in my mind now is should I cut my hair??

If I should, then what hair style should I go for??

Short hair again meh?? Don't, don't, don't...I leave my hair grow itself for the past three or four months, And now, you are telling me to get short hair?? It is definitely a No NO!!

So how about these?? Any comment??


  1. Regina9:38 PM

    Hmm... I think based on the choices that you given and based on your hair length right now, the first hair style is the only choice left?

  2. Haha...I am opting for the second one.
    So i will not cut my hair now until next month? I wonder will it be that long...


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