Jun 9, 2008

Happy Birthday 2 Ivan!!

Aha!! Here is he...
This is Mr Ivan Ng. Our AFA1 Group6 Class Representative^^ [Actually we forced him to be...ngek ngek!!]

See how hungry is he...all the saliva drooling over the brownies + ice cream...Yucks!!

It is him again...posing LOL...the bad photo is obviously taken by Mr Luke Ooi...Wakaka!!

Our SPECIAL GUEST alongside with Mr Ivan is his official SWEETHEART...
Yee...he actually mentioned his SWEETHEART yesterday...
Alas...he admitted!! Good Good...this birthday boy has finally fell in LOVE...

His Sweetie - Tracy [Nice to meet you Ya!!nice hanging out with Ya!!]

Haha....sweet couple huh??
Of course we also cannot lose la...Let's have a group picture though!!

The Birthday Boy + Mr Luke (the bad photographer) + Me + Charis

Today, 9th of June is Mr Ivan birthday, Obviously & Obliviously?
And so, we made him this day the day to remember...you know la...what is even better than having his friends and his SWEETHEART celebrate this special day with him?? [Yo...we rocks!!]

See how much we had ordered from Secret Recipe, Alpha Angle.

There are 5 slices of cakes from different flavor, 1 Cordon Bleu CHicken, 1 Spaghetti

Honestly, I think the cakes are the best!!
The Cordon Bleu Chicken so fake lo...no Cordon Bleu Smell also...
The spaghetti also Ok OK only...
Better don't waste money go there eat ah!!

Best best best cakes are here>>>

1# Trans fat-free peach cream cake
[This one is specially made for Mr Luke you know...he needs them SOOoooo muchie!! But we didn't order this though!]

2# Chocolate fudge
[Hehe...chocolate always my favourite...see how understanding Mr Ivan!! But this one also Ok ok nia...]

3# Tiramisu [ Hehe...this one is not bad.Worth trying^^ Thumbs uP!]

4# Moist CHocolate Cake
[WHat's your impression when you first introduced to this name?? Hehe...this is the best from the 5!! I love this the MOST!! Good recommendation from Tracy!!]

5# CHoc Mud CAke [yet another one I wish to try but not today LOL!!]

Well...how about two more cakes??
Hmm...I can tell that both are chessie. Why?? Ask Mr Luke la...always eat Cheese...that's why la the size become like that..Ngek ngek!!
Marble cheese and also Oreo cheese...Oreo Cheese is better^^

See how lovely they are?? Haha...actually we made them to do so de^^

Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MR IVAN!!!
Nice to know you!! All the best in AFA and relationship and also FRIENDSHIP FOREVER!!

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  1. wasai...ur tis blog like everytime mention my name also i kena pijak 1 = = !!!so bad la u


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